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Religious Leaders Foster Unity in Visit to Miami Mosque - About Islam

Religious Leaders Foster Unity in Visit to Miami Mosque

MIAMI – The University of Miami’s Social Justice Week found its perfect closing ceremony in an Islamic center, sharing the evening with their Muslim neighbors and learning more about their faith. “A lot of religion is teaching people how to be good people … How to treat other people with respect and kindness and that …

hate non-Muslims

Are Muslims Required to Hate Non-Muslims?!

Short Answer: Of course not.Though there are some who believe this, the Quran does not tell us to unconditionally hate people of other faiths and backgrounds. The Quran is very explicit that we are to treat all people, regardless of their faith, with respect and kindness. Asalamu Alaikum, Thank you for contacting About Islam with …

Coexistence is Strength

Coexistence is Strength

The success of coexistence depends upon the airing of rational voices willing to engage in fruitful dialogue, through which desired results can be achieved with ease. By contrast, the failure of coexistence is ensured when irrational and foolish voices take over…

One God

Islam, Judaism, Christianity: Worshipping The Same God?

Short Answer: Yes! Muslims are worshipping the same God that Jews and Christians worship. We believe that God sent many prophets to mankind, all with the same message: worship God alone. That pure monotheistic message was diluted and corrupted over time. “Muslims believe that they have the fullest understanding of what that God is like …

differences Buddhism Islam

What Is the Difference Between Islam and Buddhism?

SalamDear Fauzia, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. In truth, to sum up the teachings of Buddhism is far beyond the scope of this answer, though there are some excellent web resources should you desire more information. If I were to try and boil down the entire Buddhist tradition into …

US Faiths Launch Know Your Neighbor Campaign - About Islam

US Faiths Launch Know Your Neighbor Campaign

At a time of growing assaults and intimidation of Muslim Americans, the Islamic Networks Group has partnered with 70 interfaith organizations to launch a “Know Your Neighbor” campaign.

interfaith dialogue

Fight the Unbelievers? What About Interfaith Dialogue?

SalamErin, Thank you very much for your question. It is a pleasure to answer it because there are so many misconceptions out there about Islam. The idea of Muslims fighting non-believers is one of the most widely-spread misconceptions, partly because those who have a dislike for Islam and Muslims confuse people with this idea. In …

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