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Travel Lets you See yourself Differently - About Islam

Travel Lets you See yourself Differently

When you stand at the foot of a great mountain, you get a sense of how small you are in the grand scale of things. When you stand next to an immense old Roman column in Lebanon or Morocco, or by the pyramids in Egypt, you get a sense of the immensity of history and the passage of time.

Being Remembered - About Islam

Being Remembered

The unavoidability of death should make us more industrious and hard-working with the time that we have. We should strive to be creative, develop our skills, and contribute what we can to the world. We should not allow our inevitable passage make us despondent or listless. We should not hasten on our deaths prematurely.


Aisha Is Working to Make the World a Better Place

Aisha Khaja, whose parents immigrated to Canada to give her a better education, graduated with an MA from OISE inLeadership, Higher and Adult Education. Khaja says her experience at OISE empowered her to make an impact. “With OISE, I can literally change the world,” says the founder ofCharity Week Canada, who also hosts the talk …

God, Guide Me If You Exist - About Islam

God, Guide Me If You Exist

At one point I went to a nearby stream to refresh myself and while I was there by the water, it suddenly struck me that if I wanted to get closer to God, I could do it immediately. All I had to do was to surrender. This thought came, as I was flat on the ground…

Searching for the Love of the Quran - About Islam

Searching for the Love of the Quran

At once tears started rolling down my cheeks and my heart became saturated with awe and contentment. I felt as though Allah was talking to me directly, instantly answering the calls I just made. It was like He was telling me most tenderly that He knows best everything I was going through…

Hardships: Blessings in Disguise? (Inspiration) - About Islam

Hardships: Blessings in Disguise? (Inspiration)

How often have you been through hardships and wondered why? In this new episode from the series Inspiration, Muhammad Zeyara goes through a number of difficult situations in a row, and he starts wondering if Allah hates him. The story starts as he is getting ready to attend a wedding. On his way, he goes …

Falling in Love with Islam - About Islam

Falling in Love with Islam

Things between my mother and I have changed. We have solved our differences and her fear has now changed into genuine interest. I also bought her a small book, entitled Islam for Beginners and it seems to help her a lot.

Prophet Muhammad Inspires Man Utd Striker - About Islam

Prophet Muhammad Inspires Man Utd Striker

CAIRO – Manchester United striker Javier Hernandez Balcazar has expressed admiration of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him). “I’m not a Muslim, but the best person from my view is Prophet Muhammad,” Balcazar, who goes by the nickname Chicharito, wrote on his Twitter account. Prophet Muhammad has been the center of attacks by …

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