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Between the National Curriculum and Homeschooling

Any national curriculum is based on the idea of ‘schooling’, which is teaching large groups of children in a factory mode. The out fall of this for many children is that they learn to fear learning, fear failing…


To Homeschool or Not to Homeschool?-Contribution

As-salamau `aalaikum,  Dear sister, I think it is wonderful that you are thinking about your son’s education before the formal time has come. It is never too soon to look into your options and to start teaching your child. Your husband does have legitimate concerns about home schooling. Socialization, educational challenges, and even physical development …


Need To Know About Homeschooling In UK

As salamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, I must say one of the best things about raising children is being a child which homeschooling offers the opportunity to do as the teaching-learning process then becomes enjoyable to both parent and child, and the discoveries more valuable especially when the learning process is shaped by the …


Homeschooling in the Muslim Lands - Why?

For many Muslim families who homeschool in the West, they expect to discontinue doing so once they move abroad as if all the reasons they chose to homeschool in the first place will be left behind.


Is Home Schooling Instilling Shyness?!—Contribution

As-salamu `alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. First of all, sister, I ask Allah the Almighty to grant you with patience in your efforts to provide your children with the best educational experience possible. I ask Allah to grant you confidence in your efforts to please Him by raising your children as model citizens. Finally, I …


Taking the Homeschool Leap

My head was throbbing whilst looking forward to another sleepless night when my toddler was recovering from a cold that she had passed on to her baby brother. Yet, I needed to submit an article to a magazine, and I was relentlessly trying to come up with an idea. One of my editors was on-line …

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