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Preparing For Ramadan - AbdelRahman Murphy

Preparing For Ramadan - AbdulRahman Murphy

If we think of Ramadan and there is no excitement in our hearts, then we have to ask ourselves if we value this month at all? When we look at the Companions, we see that they spent their whole year preparing for this month. They spent the whole month preparing for Ramadan!

Love is in the Air - About Islam

Love is in the Air

Love is in the air. Or at least that’s what advertisers want you to think this month. While it’s nice to express your love often, Valentine’s Day comes once a year to give you no choice. And for the owners of floral boutiques and chocolate shops, Feast comes in February…

Get to Know Surah Al-Munafiqun – With Brother Nouman - About Islam

Get to Know Surah Al-Munafiqun – With Brother Nouman

What we are learning in the Qur’an is that there are people who think they still have faith on the outside, because everybody says “wa alaikum as-salam” when they say “as-salamo alaikom” … They look like Muslims … They act like Muslims. But to Allah their hearts have already disbelieved.

Learn to Speak the Language of Compassion - About Islam

Learn to Speak the Language of Compassion

The language of compassion has been lost through the lines of time, with tension growing between families, small-knit societies and countries. With compassion resting on shaky grounds, our nation too feels the tremors of conflict and are encouraged to emulate…

A Source of Healing - About Islam

A Source of Healing

We read about the trials of those before us, how they remained steadfast and God was with them – how then can we give up? We read that whoever trusts in Him, then He will be sufficient for him, that He answers all dua’ (supplication) – how then can we despair?

The Cost of Arrogance - About Islam

The Cost of Arrogance

If we are humble and honest with ourselves, we will see that many of the ways we judge others are a direct cause of the hardships we ourselves face. Absolutely none of us is immune to sin, and God has used our sin, time and time again, to remind us that we are not better than anyone else.

Allah is Ever Watchful - About Islam

Allah is Ever Watchful

Today’s world excels in managerial and financial oversight. Self-monitoring is regarded a great personal quality that makes a person more-productive, honest, and impervious to corruption. Nothing brings about this quality in a person like the awareness that Allah is Ever-Watchful and knows everything we do…

Giving and Receiving: Lessons from Charity - About Islam

Giving and Receiving: Lessons from Charity

Charity is an obligation, but it is also an opportunity given to each of us. Whether we are giving or receiving, Allah has put us in these positions because He is trying to refine us and make us better people, to perfect our manners, to gain empathy, to gain humility, to soften our hearts.

The Test - About Islam

The Test

Our spirit matures in the face of tests and becomes prepared for bigger challenges, as the bigger the tests and harder the questions are, the more entitled the human is to pass the class and to rise higher in the school of human values and perfection.

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