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Who is the Woman who Invented the Rites of Hajj?

The Woman Who Founded Hajj Rites

With the life that Hajar established in Makkah with her son Ishmael, a nation was born that would last until the end of time. The story of this nation begins with a woman who was willing to bear great burdens to establish it. To honor her, the efforts that she…

Hajar - Wife of Ibrahim (PBUH)

Hajar - Wife of Ibrahim (PBUH)

Hajar was left in the desert by Ibrahim at the command of Allah. How desperate must she have been with a new baby! This is her amazing story! Let Me Tell You about Hajar & Baby Ismail

Abraham – The Father of Prophets

Abraham - The Father of Prophets

It was this pinnacle of the life of Abraham which was the completion of his purpose: the building of a place of worship for all of humanity, not for any chosen race or color, for the worship of the One True God. Through the establishment of this house was the guarantee that God…

Female Prophets

Were There Any Female Prophets According to Islam?

Short Answer: A number of renowned scholars have demonstrated that there were female prophets, as there were male prophets; although they did have different opinions about whom to include in their list of female prophets. For example, Imam Al-Qurtubi, in his famous commentary, explained that in principle there is nothing against sending female prophets, similar to sending male …

Animosity Between Abraham's Wives?

Salam (Peace) Mike, Thank you for your question.  I was rather hesitant to answer your question because I don’t like to give hypothetical answers. Actually, according to authenticated Islamic sources, the details of the relationship between these noble ladies is not known.  All we know from the Quran and hadith (sayings of the prophet Muhammad – …

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