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History of Islamic Contributions to Science

In the book, “Medicine: A History of Healing,” Ray Porter writes, “Arabic medicine contributed little to the treasures of Greece and Rome.” However, in an article on Islamic plant medicine found in “Herbs for Health Magazine,” David Tschanz writes, “In the middle of the seventh century, Europe was mired in stagnation… For Europe, it was …

Jabir Ibn Hayyan and Islamic Golden Era Alchemists

Jabir Ibn Hayyan and Islamic Golden Era Alchemists

The word “alchemy” brings to mind images of pseudo-scientists huddling over bowls of liquids, mixing strange potions and dabbling in the occult. However, the true goal of alchemy was nothing less than the transmutation of the “base” (i.e., more reactive) metals into gold. Alchemists also sought a single cure for all diseases and a way …

Golden Age of Islam

A very interesting video about the Golden Age of Islam and what it gave to us today! A MUST watch.

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