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Muslims at Canada’s Oldest Mosque Combat Hate

Members of Canada’s oldest mosque are preaching unity as Islamophobic incidents hit new records. The Muslims are also reaching out to others to combat hate, City News reported. “Alberta has one of the highest numbers of the incidents of hate crimes towards Muslims,” said life-long Edmontonian and Imam Sadiq Pathan. As Canada’s oldest mosque, the …

Edmonton Mosque: Muslims Condemn Hateful Intimidation

Police in Edmonton say a group that entered a mosque and later argued with people outside is on their radar A spokeswoman for the Al Rashid mosque, said two men entered the building Friday before prayers and appeared to be scouting the building. The mosque’s executive director spotted one of the men and asked him …

Canadian Project Finds Common Ground for Muslims, Catholics

On the surface, it was speeches and a light meal, but on a deeper level it was building relationships EDMONTON – Local Catholic and Muslim leaders in Edmonton, Canada, have organized a ‘Meet&Greet’ event to create mutual understanding between the two religious communities for a “deeper way of tolerance and coexistence”. “The most dangerous challenge …

Edmontonians Give Flowers to Hijabi Women

Muslim women donning Hijab and waiting at an Edmonton light-rail transit station received a heartwarming surprise after a group of Edmonton women gave them flowers in a gesture against hate.

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