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Healthy Eating in Holy Ramadan

Someone kicks, but we are unable to see who it is. We can only see the consequences of that kick, and in a dazed state we tend to lose the language to properly express what is actually happening.

Ancient Egyptians

Fasting Bolsters Brain Power

Fasting is an obligation on Muslims every year in the month of Ramadan. It is also highly recommended to fast intermittently throughout the year, such as three days per month in the middle of the lunar month or on the first nine days of the month of Dhul Hijjah.

Credit: Salk Institute

Genetic Anti-inflammatory Switch Turned On During Fasting

A key molecule that keeps gut bacteria in check has been discovered by a team of scientists. The study shows a molecular pathway by which the brain communicates with the gastrointestinal (GI) tract to prevent unnecessary activation of the immune system during fasting by strengthening the barrier against gut microbes.

What is Your Teen Eating

What is Your Teen Eating?

As parents, we worry about what our children eat. The marketplace is flooded with information guiding concerned parents on how to nourish their children, but as parents of teenagers will tell you, what works for the under 10 crowd may not always apply to the over 11 set. It is discouraging to see so little …

Eating Healthy on a Budget

Eating Healthy on a Budget

It makes no difference what your income is, we have all noticed that food is getting more expensive. We are buying less and less for more and more. I noticed this trend almost a year ago when I was living in the US and as a family of six, it did have its effects. Now …


Fasting Diet Improves Your Mood, Sex and Sleep

A study on the fasting diet found many benefits. Cutting calories is nobody’s idea of a fun time. But the perks of fasting go far beyond a leaner body, finds a new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine. People who ate a lot less for two years found they had brighter days and more satisfying nights.

Eating Disorders Breaking Cultural Boundaries

It is believed that the phenomenon of eating disorders only occurs in industrialized, wealthy Western societies. Desiring a youthful body to adorn fashionable clothes that don’t include a fuller figure is the ticket of acceptance, health, success, happiness and availability. However, increasing awareness has exploded the myth that it is a disease of the rich showing …

Grains of the Prophet (PBUH)

It’s reported by Abu Hurairah that, “Allah never inflicts a disease unless he makes a cure for it…” (Sahih Bukhari). Some of us may assume that this cure is always medical or herbal, but the hadith doesn’t state that. Two of the greatest cures Allah has given us for heart disease are foods that the …


Health Benefits of Yogurt for Eid

Yogurt is a popular food in different cultures in spite of vegan controversies raised about it. Fortunately, though, this controversy only pertains to commercially produced cow milk and milk products. As one of the oldest foods known to man, yogurt is a product of pure milk. Indeed, “We give you to drink of what is …

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