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A True Story of Repentance (Watch)

This is a true story about a young man named Malik. Even though he was a Muslim, he thought that life is all about satisfying his desires as much as possible. As a result he felt extreme pleasure in committing many sins, he drank, he stole, and even committed…

I Knew Islam is Right for Me

I decided that Islam may be the right religion for me and that I should convert very soon. It was two days till I was going to make that right decision, when I happened to have another dream again relating to Islam.

Dreams Drew Me to Islam

I realized as a young child that I needed to understand what God was. I used to wake up at the early hours of the morning. And I used to pray that God would reveal Himself to me and I was a very young person and I wanted this idea and I used to have these reoccurring dreams and I never understood that these reoccurring dreams were actually answers.

Dreaming of Inner Peace

My life has been very nice Alhamdullilah, I have the inner peace I mentioned before that I was looking for. I can tell I used to be a person with an empty soul, now I can say I am full of love, patience, tolerance and I am a happy person, alhamdullilah.

God, If You Exist Then Guide Me!

Eventually I realized that for people to even engage in a serious sincere attempt to achieve good conduct, including trying to learn right from wrong, they had to first accept the moral need to do so. Revelation is necessary for at least this reason.

Wishing Islam for My Parents

What causes these strong emotions regarding our parents? Why are we not happy, even if they are happy worshiping other than God? Why can’t we just let them be? If they disbelieve, it doesn’t take anything away from our hereafter.

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