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A True Story of Repentance (Watch)

This is a transcript of a video about the story of Malik ibn Dinar’s story of repentance.

This is a true story about a young man named Malik. Even though he was a Muslim, he thought that life is all about satisfying his desires as much as possible. As a result he felt extreme pleasure in committing many sins, he drank, he stole, and even committed zina… then he got married and had a daughter, he named her Fatimah.

Malik loved Fatimah very much. As innocent child, she used to sit on his lap and as Malik was about to sip some wine, she would hit his hand and the glass would fly away.

Then one day the unthinkable happened: little Fatimah dies. Malik was completely shocked and devastated. He went into depression, he drank more than ever before.

One day Malik went to sleep, he had a terrifying dream: the day of Judgment had begun, lots of people have been resurrected.

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Then he heard a noise behind him, he turned back to see a huge snake chasing him, he was terrified and tried to run away, Malik found an old man dressing in elegant clothes, smelling of perfume, he begged the man to save him from the snake.

The old man said he was too old and too weak to help Malik against such a strong enemy. He advised him to keep running so that he might find help.

So Malik carried on running wildly, he found a cliff and climbed it. Reaching the top, he saw the fire of Hellfire… then he heard a voice saying “go back for you are not one of them”

Malik turned around and run in the opposite direction and the snake kept chasing him and again he saw the old man, again he begged him for help but the old man began to cry and said that he was too weak to help Malik but he advised him to go to a hill nearby.

Malik run to the hill, there he found lots of children and his daughter Fatimah was there among them. With her right hand, she pointed to the snake to go away. The snake left immediately then Fatimah sat in Malik’s lap and recited the verse of the Quran: {Has the time not come for the believers that their hearts should be come humbly submissive at the remembrance of Allah and what has come down of the truth?}

Malik was moved to tears, then he asked:

“what the snake was?”

Fatimah said it was his evil deeds.

Then Malik asked her who the old man was. She said that he was his good deeds but he’d made them so weak and they couldn’t help Malik against the snake.

Malik woke up from dream in tears. He immediately made wudu and run to the masjid. During the prayer, the Imam happened to recite the same verse from the Quran: {Has the time not come for the believers that their hearts should be come humbly submissive at the remembrance of Allah and what has come down of the truth?}

Malik thought: “It is Time”. He felt massive regret for his past and repented to Allah. That day was a start of Malik’s new life.

This was the story of Malik ibn Dinar (May Allah have mercy on him). He became an imam of Hadith. In the middle of the night, he would go to the centre of town and shout out: “O people, wake up to the remembrance of your Lord. Wake up to success.”

When he did this, people think that he was crazy… but he did this because he knew that ultimate success lies with Allah. He completely transformed from a person who committed every sin to one of the most pious worshippers in history.

He went from being a person on the blink of hellfire to someone who will enter Paradise Inshallah.

The Power of our Minds

So the question is: what exactly is it about us that leads us to our destiny? What was leading Malik on the path to hellfire? Allah Himself gives us the answer in the Quran: {But you thought that Allah knew much of what you are doing and that thought of yours which you thought about your Lord has brought you to destruction and you have become this day of those utterly lost.}

It all starts with our thoughts; our mindset. When Malik had destructive thoughts, this caused him to have destructive feelings; so he took destructive actions and was going towards eternal destruction.

But when Malik’s mindset shifted to successful thoughts, his feelings and actions, and destiny also became successful.

Now think about your mindset, is it empowering you and leading you to success? If not chances are your stop in a certain mindset with disempowering patterns.

If you want success in your life and your destiny then you need to have a break through in your mindset.

Watch the video.