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Men demands in a potential wife

Why Do Single Men Have Endless Demands in a Potential Wife?

“Not more than 32.” “I don’t feel any inclination to marry a girl over 30.” “She should be a good cook.” “Is she pretty? Is she thin? Is she fair?” “We won’t mind if she works and contributes to the household budget.” “What is her height?” “She should have done O & A levels, because …

Distressed by Living in My Inner World

Distressed by Living in My Inner World

In this counseling answer: “I ask you, dear sister, to try to get over the fear of being diagnosed with a psychological illness. We, as humans, go through all sorts of illnesses throughout our lives; however, Allah provided us with those who are trained to help.” As-Salamu ‘Alaykum sister, Thank you for writing to us with …

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