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Develop a Secret Deed Between You and Allah

Develop a Secret Deed Between You and Allah

No matter who you are, develop a secret deed of goodness between you and Allah. Think of this very carefully; your secret deed between you and Allah, no one knows it. Maybe every day you give a small charity to someone, maybe you say a good word…

10 Simple Deeds That Have the Reward of Hajj

10 Simple Deeds That Have the Reward of Hajj

No deed is actually equivalent to the divine and sacred ritual of Hajj nor will any such deed give your heart the same level of spiritual contentment as Hajj. Here are a few effortless actions you can perform so that you catch up with the lucky pilgrims in Makkah

Purity of Intentions

Purity of Intentions

The Arabic term ikhlas literally means purity, which is used in the Quran to refer to various things. For example, a verse mentions the purity of milk: We produce, for your drink, milk, pure and agreeable to those who drink it. (16:66) Purity in this verse refers to something that is natural, pure, wholesome, and …

How to Deal with Doubts About The Acceptance of Deeds?

Short Answer: There’s no way of knowing definitively on our end whether or not a deed has been accepted or not. And this is why that one of the etiquettes of performing good deeds is that after we perform them, or that particular act, is that someone remains between hope and between fear and hope. Fear is that they …

How Does Islam Make Us Strong?

As we grow in spirituality, Islam also gives us the advantage to grow mentally through “worldly” knowledge like humanities, social, natural and formal sciences. We are encouraged to learn how the world functions around us…

Unplug: Focus on Your Islam

Isn’t technology supposed to save time and not waste it? Truth be told, I was the culprit behind it all. Every time my smart phone beeped, I was compelled to check it since I was either receiving a message or an update to a social network.

Calming the Dunya - Living for the Hereafter

In everyone, there are souls that wish for ease, a life that borders luxury, a trip to an exotic country for a month without lifting a finger for work. But between all of that, it is so easy to be distracted from our dues towards God and be deceived by the simple promises that this world makes.

Avoid These 5 Forms of Showing Off

Some people abstain from doing good deeds fearing that they will fall into the sin of showing off. This is a mistake that leads people to lose out on a lot of virtue and many blessings. As long as your original intention is for God, then you should go forward…


Could Our Deeds in Ramadan Be In Vain?

Wa `alaykum as-Salamu wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh. In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger. Dear brother, thank you for your question and for your concern to get your acts of worship accepted by Allah the Almighty. As …

5 Tips for Turning Good Deeds into Lifelong Habits

Keeping consistent is very important as this eliminates any original inhibitions one has of the habit. Mostly, habits are done on a daily basis, so with each good deed, it is best to have it incorporated into a daily routine.

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