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Develop a Secret Deed Between You and Allah

Every one of us, no matter who you are, develop a secret deed of goodness between you and Allah.

Think of this very carefully; your secret deed between you and Allah, no one knows it. Maybe every day you give a small charity to someone, maybe you say a good word, you might have read some Quran on a daily basis… Some secret private deed between you and Allah that you are so happy about, and that you continue doing against all odds and you say: “Allah this is only for your sake.”

Try and develop it. It’s something that will really help you spiritually and it will benefit you immensely and intensely.

Remember, it’s these little deeds that sometimes may result in us entering into paradise.

Many hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad give so much importance to visiting the sick. Go and visit the elderly, you’ll get a page of wisdom from them. And remember when you visit, don’t waste time.

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Some of you might have heard me saying in one of my talks, when I was quite young, I went with my mother to one of her friends house and I remember distinctly on the door there was a sticker that says: “We are happy at your arrival, but we will be even happier when you depart!”

I looked it in and I said: “Wow! This is telling us not to waste time.”

So I was telling my mother: “Let’s go.”

She says: “What are you such a big rush for?”

I said: “I’ll tell you later.”

When I went home, I told my mom about the sticker, it was just a joke I think…

The point we are learning is when you visit people have a time limit, you don’t go and sit… Today we have technology, message them, make sure they are comfortable with your visit…

Because when a person is not comfortable with your visit, it is the most destructive visit you would ever have. There is no productivity in it…

I would prefer to have a short visit in a way that they tell you we want you to come back.

So think to be courteous, to be polite, to be considerate… these are all qualities that will enhance the productivity of a person.

About Dr. Mufti Menk
Dr. Mufti Ismail Menk is a leading global Islamic scholar born and raised in Zimbabwe. He studied Shariah in Madinah and holds a Doctorate of Social Guidance from Aldersgate University. Mufti Menk’s work has gained worldwide recognition and he has been named one of “The Top 500 Most Influential Muslims in the World” since 2010.