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Rare Tornado Strikes Havana

The first twister to hit the Cuban capital in decades has left at least four dead and scores injured, state-run media reported.

How Did Yusuf Find Islam in Cuba?

HAVANA – Growing up with his Christian mother, Arnaldo, now Yusuf, was a young man in Havana who enjoyed the joys of life while believing in the existence of a superior God who created the world. The young Cuban man found Islam accidently after noticing a Muslim man walking past his door as he sat …

Cuba's Thriving Muslim Community

A small, but steadily growing Muslim community in Cuba is marking the end of the holy fasting month of Ramadan quietly in their small prayer hall, awaiting the construction of their promised mosque in Havana.

Muslim Community Grows in Catholic Cuba

A famous Spanish documentary photographer has dug into the small, but growing, Muslim community in Cuba, focusing on the lives of reverts who accepted Islam in Catholic Cuba.

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