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Why Do Converts Cry while Taking Shahadah?

Why Do Converts Cry while Taking Shahadah?

These overwhelming reactions often result in tears and feelings of liberation, as if the soul has been unburdened and set free.
Those who have not experienced this emotional release have trouble understanding the deep response felt by those who repeat the Shahadah…

5 Ways to Help You Cry For Allah

5 Ways to Help You Cry For Allah

When we feel closer to Allah, we will be able to open our heart. We will develop a loving relationship with Allah. We will trust Him more, we will be able to speak to Him more and we will be able to cry because we want to be nearer to Him. Because we miss Him or because we are overwhelmed by our feelings for Him.

Cry Out For Him- Allah Loves Your Tear!

Cry Out For Him - Allah Loves Your Tears!

There are many great virtues for crying out of fear from Allah. Allah praised some of His Prophets, then explained the reason for the praise as in His saying: “When the verses of the Most Merciful were recited to them, they fell in prostration and weeping.” (Quran: 19: 58)

6 Ways to Weep For Allah

Tears of Mercy - 6 Ways to Weep For Allah

Next time you ask Allah for something, do so with emotion. How would you cry for help if you were drowning? Would it be a monotone emotionless call? When you make dua, focus your whole body and mind on that request and strive to cry.

Dad, Why is it Hard to Say I Love You?

The Prophet of Allah hears their little voices, he listens to their song. He comes up to them taking time out for them. “Do you love me?” He asks. “Yes, yes! We love and respect you O Messenger of God.”

On Allah's Greatness: Allah-u Akbar!

Despite all our striving to know what Allah is like and all our attempts to describe Him in our words, the simple truth is that He is so beyond our comprehension that when we find a way of describing Him, all we really know is that He is not like that!

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