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Your Salah is Your Oxygen

If you are new to Islam or are just becoming more serious about your Islam, salah may slip your mind throughout the day, as you are not used to making time for it on a regular basis. The good news is that once you do make a point to pray on time every time, it becomes second nature and you will feel it missing no matter what you are doing.

Salah - The Ritual That Cleanses the Soul

Salah - The Ritual That Cleanses Your Soul

Salah is your private contact and communication with the Originator of life and the Creator of everything—Allah. He, the Exalted, has enjoined it upon you to bring you closer to Him daily.

Prayers: A Special Connection with God

The most important aspect of a person’s relationship with God is his or her strong faith and sincerity. This relationship with God is clearly borne out and strengthened by prayer. If the prayer is performed with true devotion to God and with a sincere heart, it will have a lasting effect on the person.

Hajj: Ritual and Spiritual

The practice of going back and forth as an effort made in the service of God continues, depicts the humility of Muslims just simply following the command and following the tradition. But the idols are no longer there, but we pray to God on these hillocks.

Filling the Void - How?

Maybe we won’t realize we’re in emotional or spiritual pain until we get physically sick. Maybe it will even take a broken limb, like it did for me, before we will wake up and see that our inner spirit is crying out for something much deeper and longer-lasting…


Email Inventor Dies at 74

Internet pioneer Ray Tomlinson, who is credited with the invention of email, has died at the age of 74.

MWC 2016

Best of Mobile World Congress 2016

Mobile World Congress, or MWC to its friends, is the largest annual mobile trade show. It’s where we’ve seen some of the biggest handset launches over the past few years and 2016 has been no different.

If It Feels Right, It Must Be Right

It is very important to know that God is never unjust to any of His creatures. Doubting His justice may be a great injustice to oneself who has not taken the time to know his Creator.

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