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Salah – The Ritual That Cleanses Your Soul

For anything in this universe to be built, Allah has decreed that it should have a foundation on which its structure can rest.

The stronger the foundation, the stronger and safer the building will be. Any structural damage or defect can cause the whole building to collapse one day.

Salah (prayer) is the cornerstone of Islam and its second pillar. A person’s Islam is incomplete unless they perform prayer.

Salah derives from the Arabic word Silah, which means connection, because it connects the humans with their Maker and draws them closer to His Mercy.

Salah, therefore, is your private contact and communication with the Originator of life and the Creator of everything—Allah. He, the Exalted, has enjoined it upon you to bring you closer to Him daily.

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Salah in Islam is the foundation; when performed regularly, it positively influences and transforms every thought, attitude, and action. Allah says in His Noble Book:

… and establish Salah. Indeed, Salah prohibits immorality and wrongdoing, and the remembrance of Allah is greater. (Qur’an 29:45)

In other words, maintaining regular communication with Allah provides you with guidance and success, fills you with strength and peace, and protects you from deviation and ruin.


In your worldly affairs, you are very keen to strengthen your connection with people who serve your interests; how will it be for you when you strengthen your connection with the Creator and Owner of everything?


Running River in Which You Cleanse Yourself Five Times a Day

Salah is obligatory upon every mature, sane Muslim man and woman. Obligatory Salah is performed five times per day and night (each 24-hour period). It is very similar in its cleansing action to repeated bathing and washing with pure water, which cleanses one’s body and clothes of impurities or dirt.

The five daily prayers work in a similar way; they work like plentiful water, by which Allah (the Gracious) washes away sins. Explaining the purifying and uplifting effect of the five daily prayers, Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said to his Companions:

Tell me, if there was a river by the door of one of you in which he bathed five times a day, would any dirt remain on him?

They answered:

“None of it would remain.”

He (peace and blessings be upon him) said:

That is exactly like the five daily prayers with which Allah wipes out misdeeds. (Narrated by Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

Imagine the effect of daily Prayers: The river is right at your door, not far or hard to get to. The dirt on your body is harming you. Feel yourself bathing in the river, getting rid of all the dirt on your body and having your energy renewed.

You step back to life with a purified soul, a calmer mind, and a relieved, unburdened, and rejuvenated heart.

Republished with the author’s kind permission.