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Is Islam a Complete Way of Life

Is Islam a Complete Way of Life?

SalamDear Javid, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. Islam is not a religion in the common, distorted meaning of the word, confining its scope only to the private life of man. By saying that it is a complete way of life, we mean that it caters for all the …

Accepting Islam

Why Are So Many People Accepting Islam?

Short Answer:The main attractive aspects of Islam are its concept of One God, theauthenticity of its book- the Quran– its concept of reward, and its universality. What you would get out of Islam is inner peace and tranquility for finding the Truth and following God’s Straight Path, which leads to a happy life in this …

Islam Religion

Is Islam a Religion, Culture, Nationality or Ethnicity?

Short Answer:“Islam is a religion, but not in the usual sense…Islam covers all aspects of life, such as politics, economics, and culture…Islam has common “cultural” elements…” But Islam isnot a nationality or an ethnicity. “Muslims come from Asia, Africa, the Middle East, North America, and so on.And each of these groups also participate in their …

Are Religions the Same

Are Religions the Same?

SalamDear Sven, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. Religion has always been at the core of human thought, civilization, and history. Throughout history, there have been so many religions everywhere in the world, whether primal, mostly pagan, or the so-called universal, encompassing wider aspects and influencing larger groups and extending …

Islam: What's in a Name

Islam: What's in a Name? (Part 2)

InPart one, we explored the significant features of the name Islam, making special reference to how the Quran speaks of Islam and being Muslim. We also noted that the word reflects the concept of peace, and that it is a name used right from the start. In this part we shall explain three significant features …

Islam: What's in a Name

Islam: What's in a Name? (Part 1)

Part 2 It is a common practice of Muslim scholars writing on some field of knowledge to define its basic terms. When it comes to Arabic words, this involves looking at their root meanings as well as their usage. This practice is certainly useful when seeking to understand Islam as a faith and way of …

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