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Ramadan Is the Best Time to Renew Marital Love

When making Ramadan plans, the focus is often on reciting more Qur’an, attending taraweeh, hosting/attending iftar, preparing the kitchen in advance, and even decorating the house for the season. “Improve marriage” rarely tops the list, or even finds a place at the bottom. However, a successful marriage can be your key to Jannah even if …

Crazy starving Muslim

That Crazy Starving Muslim!

When my Lithuanian classmate who sat next to me asked whether I wanted to have lunch one day, I explained to her I was fasting and that it was the month of Ramadan. She gave me a sarcastic smile and said, ‘Well, you crazy people can starve all you want!’ On the way back home, …


How to Get Your Home Ready for Ramadan

MashaAllah, the glorious month of Ramadan is almost here! To welcome the month, there are a few things we can do to prepare the household for the month-long period of fasting. You can begin by tidying, straightening and clearing up the household, after all this is a most scared month and it should be warm, …

Why You Should Be Decking the Halls For Ramadan?

Why You Should Be Decking the Halls For Ramadan

While Muslims in the US enthusiastically pull out their stored Rubbermaid tubs marked “Ramadan/Eid,” packed with strings of paper lanterns, electric lights and glass ornaments bought, others find this “new” tradition to be a questionable innovation or another capitalist trapping. It may seem that converted Muslims have simply transferred their old traditions and newly immigrated …

Your Guide to Revival in Ramadan

Your Guide to Revival in Ramadan

The doors of heaven are open while the doors of hell fire are closed.  The devils are tied up while Allah increases your rewards in multiples for every good that you do.  It really is the most blessed time of the year: it is Ramadan. In past years, Ramadan came, Ramadan left, and sometimes, not …


Ramadan Fun for Little Muslims

In Ramadan, we’re abstaining from food and drink from sunrise to sunset, all for the sake of Allah. Of course there is more to Ramadan than just that, but that’s the first impression little children get. So Muslims are celebrating the presence of the Holy Month, but not everyone – as yet – is joining …

DIY Ramadan Decoration Ideas

DIY Ramadan Decoration Ideas

It’s time to hang your Ramadan lanterns and welcome the holy month with some festive decorations. Visual reminders of the blessed month can have their beautiful impact on the family home. Moreover, making decorations with children can have the added bonus of building up the excitement and anticipation for the month. This is a video to show you …


The Amazing Race of Ramadan: It’s an Inside Job!

Thundering, slamming sounds of doors locking. Roaring noises of steel chains clattering together. Hearts melt as the smiles fill the skies. And the golden gates are opened, filling the universe with the sparkling scents of Heaven. People from all around the world gather together, excited and anxious to be amongst the frontrunners. From every race, …

Ramadan,Teens and Summer

Ramadan, Summer & Teens: Try This Busy Schedule

Ramadan in summer means your children, tweens and teens have a lot of time on their hands. What a wonderful time to strengthen family times, enhance friendship and grow in Iman and Mercy. When dealing without school adolescents and teenagers for the month, the key is to have a balance in their lives. Ramadan is not …

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