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Brexit Triggers Huge Rise in Hate Crimes

A few days after Brexit poll, a huge anti-immigrants’ tide of attacks has appeared in the British streets, with many politicians warning against the worrying trend.

Breaking Free of Brexit Matrix: A British Muslim's View

Like every tragedy which befalls us, we remember where we were at the time. In my case, I was in the car en route to the Goodwood Festival of Speed, sullied at my nation’s decision to leave an institution established to help bridge cultural gaps and to avoid further conflict. It wasn’t perfect, nothing ever is, but the decision to leave centers on the following points.

Brexit: How I See the Future of My Country

Will this impact British Muslims? It is hard to tell. The right-wing agenda creeping into our politics is uneasy. It is uncomfortable and I am sure many Muslims do not feel easy with this mood. So the result of the most historical vote of our lifetime is in and it is Brexit. The last few …

Brexit Divides British Muslims

As Britain prepares to go to polls tomorrow to voice their opinion whether the nation should ‘Remain’ in or ‘Leave’ the European Union, Muslim and Arab voters are divided on the poll, leaving it to the boxes.

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