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Overcoming Emotional Hardships After Divorce

Divorce is no-doubt a challenging and sometimes traumatic life change. However, in Islam, the wisdom of the iddah (waiting period) gives couples a chance to emotionally adjust to what will become their new normal after their marriage dissolution.

I Feel Bad for Breaking Up My Engagement

I Feel Bad for Breaking Up My Engagement

In this counseling answer: • It is important to establish as best as possible mutual commonalities and values.This can only be done by getting to know the person in a halal setting. • Perhaps you just need to work on your confidence levels as well as your self-esteem and what you do bring to a …


I Have A Dream About Getting Back to My Ex!

In this counseling answer: “your dreams may be a reflection of your past hopes and wishes and not an indication of him missing you. While I am sure you both may miss each other, dreams are most often a result of each individual’s unresolved issues. I would kindly suggest dear sister that you try to …

I dreamed of marriage

I Dreamed of Marriage, But He Suddenly Dumped Me

Answer: As-Salamu `Alaikum dear sister, Thank you for your question . It is very normal that you feel grief and confusion after a break up. Ending a relationship is a painful experience for anyone, and it could be even more painful if the break up was sudden and not explained, and if the relationship was …

Break up

After Break-up: Check an Emergency First-Aid Kit

Have you ever been in a discussion with someone you were hoping to marry and it didn’t work out? It can be so painful; no matter at what stage in the process it happens and no matter what age you are? I’ve been there and done that too – the latest quite recently – so …

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