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Squash Player Balances Fasting with Finals

Squash Player Balances Fasting with Finals

The winner of last Monday’s Professional Squash Association (PSA) Women’s Young Player of the Year, Egyptian Nouran Gohar, was buzzing as she arrived at the UAE for her opening match of the Dubai World Series Finals, despite the fact that she accepted that her opponents might have a slight advantage. Some Muslim players decided not …

Fat cells help liver during fasting

Fat Cells Help Liver during Fasting

With Ramadan just around the corner, many Muslims are beginning to mentally prepare for the tough challenge ahead. Fasting involves abstinence from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset. Despite its inherent difficulty, it brings numerous psychological and spiritual benefits as Muslims appreciate Allah for the blessings they have received, remember those who are less …


Journal of Herbalist: Eating Right

Case: Talla came to me for a dietary program. She felt she needed to eat healthier but she did not know where to start, what to change or what to do. She wanted to lose about twenty pounds, feel more energetic and sleep better at night. She was sure her present manner of eating had something to do with her odd energy levels.

Have We Found Earliest Evidence of Life on Earth?

Say, [O Muhammad], “Travel through the land and observe how He began creation. Then Allah will produce the final creation. Indeed Allah, over all things, is competent.” (Surat Al-‘Ankabut 29:20). That’s what Allah has told us, Muslims, in the Holy Qur’an, and it looks like scientists have just written the first page of the book …

Egyptian Student Develops Nanotech Cancer Therapy

Egyptian Student Develops Nanotech Cancer Therapy

Nancy Karim, a young undergraduate Egyptian biotechnology student, has staggered the medical community after developing a new nanotechnology approach to target tumor cells, leaving healthy cells unharmed. Her team’s graduation project, supervised by Dr. Reham Mohsen at October University of Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA), has paved an entirely new path in the world of …


Olympics: Science in Starting Blocks

Faster, Higher, Stronger: Scientists, too, are doing their bit to make the Olympic motto real. Here are some potentially performance-boosting discoveries, just in time for the Rio Games:


Scientists Found Way to Induce 'Reverse Photosynthesis'

It’s pretty common knowledge that plants grow through the process of photosynthesis. At its core, photosynthesis converts light energy into chemical energy that the plant can then use for its day-to-day plant things. Scientists have been trying to master artificial photosynthesis for some time, and now researchers in Denmark are turning the idea on its …

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