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The Power of Forgiveness: An Islamic Perspective

It is said: “to err is human and to forgive is divine.” Both parts of this statement are very true. As human beings we are responsible, but we do also make mistakes and we are constantly in need of forgiveness. Islam speaks about two elements of forgiveness: a) God’s forgiveness; b) Human forgiveness.

From the Land of the Midnight Sun

There is so much hatred in the world and a lot of people have the wrong concept of Islam, which is in many ways our own (we Muslims) mistakes in showing Islam in a wrong way. We need to show Islam in a peaceful way and with patience.

The Unlimited Forgiveness of God

Why we turn to Him while He promised us of His forgiveness? The fact that Allah has promised us His forgiveness no matter how many times we come back asking for it…

It's Very Easy to Be a Muslim in New York

In New York, I think it’s fairly easy to find what you are looking most of time. I’m sure in other states and cities it’s probably a lot more difficult, but we have halal stores on every corner basically. So it’s very easy.

How Do Muslims Relate to Other Faiths?

In fact the Quran depicts the various prophets in history not as competing or fighting with one another, unfortunately as some of their followers are doing, but in fact as one brotherhood of prophets, various links in the same chain of revelation extending from the first to the final prophet.

Kindness Beautifies Whatever it Touches

Shaytan “Satan” tricks the religious people. He hardens their hearts. He makes them judge, jury and imprison. So they think because I’m religious I have to be tough.

Drawing the Beautiful Image of Islam

They told me: “Your heart is Muslim, you are Muslim, all that you do is because you are Muslim, but you don’t know it yet, the only thing that you need to do is the Shahadah!! And they were saying the truth.

How to Empty the Heart from Loving This World?

When your forehead touches the ground in prayer, just take time, let your forehead stay there a bit longer than normal and say to Allah: “O Allah, help me to be a better person, help me to be a better Muslim” and surely He will reply.

When I First Put On Hijab

When you embrace Islam and discover the beauty of it, you think all other Muslims see it as you see. You think all other Muslims are struggling to follow the right path and that they’ll be all so kind and so nice to you.

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