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Get to Know Surah Al-Taghabun – With Brother Nouman - About Islam

Get to Know Surah Al-Taghabun – With Brother Nouman

Allah knows what you are going through. And Allah is capable of changing your circumstances. And whatever you are going through is happening because Allah is allowing it to happen. When bad things happen to people, they start questioning Allah and say “If He is All-Powerful, how come He is not changing my circumstances?”…

The Beauty of Allah’s Creation - About Islam

The Beauty of Allah’s Creation

Man’s initial impression of amazement with regard to the awesome sights in the universe, as a result of Allah’s supreme artistry, followed by his in-depth study of what is viable thereof, is meant to lead man to an unwavering spiritual awakening, thus prompting all his spiritual and mental faculties…

How I Found True Inner Peace - About Islam

How I Found True Inner Peace

I looked out the window and viewed with awe the horizon, with its vibrant colors, the clouds and the sun setting. At that moment I said to myself, “I know there is something more out there, but what is it? If God is so great then why is mankind not bowing to Him?” I prostrated myself to God and prayed I would find the “thing” that would fill the void in my heart and soul.

I Knew I Was Lost, I Asked for Guidance - About Islam

I Knew I Was Lost, I Asked for Guidance

I met my neighbors who were Muslims. I thought I would do some missionary work. I always like to remind people about the Creator, goodness, and the existence of truth. What little I knew about Muslims and Islam was colored by the Christian-Judaic doctrine in which I’d been raised.

A Source of Healing - About Islam

A Source of Healing

We read about the trials of those before us, how they remained steadfast and God was with them – how then can we give up? We read that whoever trusts in Him, then He will be sufficient for him, that He answers all dua’ (supplication) – how then can we despair?

Blind Reading Quran

Blind Yet Seeing God's Light

My reading material was very limited because I am a totally blind person and the material available about Islam in braille or on tape was not only very little, but also very general. I believe the reason was that the material that I had access to wasn’t written by Muslims and it kind of painted a dark picture of Islam.

Avoiding Arguments in Da’wah - About Islam

Avoiding Arguments in Da’wah

When I was younger and much more naïve, I used to desire the world to become a place where all Muslims lived in an idyllic utopia; where everyone was righteous, got along well, never got angry or argued with another, and never harbored the slightest of ill will in their hearts…

How I Came to Islam: Stephanie’s Story - About Islam

How I Came to Islam: Stephanie’s Story

I was stunned. Weren’t Iraqi women not allowed to have educations? Didn’t they have to stay home? Why wasn’t she dressed like the women I’d seen on television? I had to know more.

The Giver of Life - About Islam

The Giver of Life

How do you want to meet your Lord? You want to meet Him in best possible state; you want to meet Him while you’re trying your best to use the life that He gave you so generously, so mercifully in a responsible way, in a conscious way, were you grateful for that life?

The Power of Forgiveness: An Islamic Perspective - About Islam

The Power of Forgiveness: An Islamic Perspective

It is said: “to err is human and to forgive is divine.” Both parts of this statement are very true. As human beings we are responsible, but we do also make mistakes and we are constantly in need of forgiveness. Islam speaks about two elements of forgiveness: a) God’s forgiveness; b) Human forgiveness.

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