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Post Ramadan

How to Maintain the Ramadan Spirit Post Ramadan?

Short Answer:  We need to work on the spiritual, intellectual and physical dimensions to be wholly in connection, submission and remembrance of our Creator. Ramadan is a training period that helps us gain taqwa. Now that Ramadan is over, it’s time to show Allah that we have learned something. Please check the suggestions below for more details. _____________________________________ …

The Journey Has Just Begun

Ramadan Journey Is NOT Over... It Has Just Begun!

The month of Ramadan is like the preseason camp for a football team or the prelaunch work for a new store or the development time for a new product. The football season only starts after the camp is over. The store opens after the prelaunch work and the product goes to market after the development time is over.

5 Ways to Keep Ramadan Momentum Alive

Ramadan is almost over, but there are tons of opportunities that you can use to keep the Ramadan spirit. I hope that you will find the following 5 tips handy, especially during the first half of Shawwal (lunar month following Ramadan in the Islamic calendar). This article is based on what is known in behavior …

To the Eyes That Weep

To the Eyes That Weep

If your heart is still broken by the last iftar of this month, turn to Him. Make time before you break your fast to be alone with Him and pour out your heart and soul to God. Tell Him all of your hopes for this month, and how you feel about not having been able to fulfill them.

What Can We Do After Ramadan

What Can We Do After Ramadan?

When Ramadan is over, we often slip back into old habits. So what can we do after Ramadan to keep up the spirit of Ramadan? The number one thing is to stay focused on obligatory prayers.

Heal Your Soul with Spiritual Posts (Collection #14)

Heal Your Soul with Spiritual Posts (Collection #15)

Mosques are empty once again; the Qur’an on the bookshelf and the humility we acquired during the month of Ramadan may start to leave us as we are back into the modern life style that dictates us to be busy with the ornaments of this dunya. Ramadan was more than a special offer to us. …

A Newly Convert: I Have Difficulties Practicing My Faith

A Newly Convert: I Have Difficulties Practicing My Faith

In this counseling answer: It’s natural to feel anxious after Ramadan as Ramadan is a time of self-evaluation. But new Muslims should not be too hard on themselves. They should give time for themselves to gradually adjust to their new way of life. Allah knows best their intentions and that they are striving to practice their …

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