Is Your Trial Much Greater Than This One?

I want to tell you a story and then relate the biggest trial you have been through with this story. So, perhaps you’ve got divorced, perhaps you lost your job, perhaps you didn’t get into the degree program that you wanted to get in… But all these are trials of life related to the following story.

Allah blessed me to study at the Islamic University of Madinah. And when we graduate we don’t have the graduation ceremonies, but rather what we do is we go to Makkah and we perform Umrah. So, this is a story of a colleague of mine who graduated from the Faculty of Hadith.

He and his wife and his three kids went to perform Umrah and on their way back to Madinah, they are riding in their car and the husband sees a truck behind him, and this truck is going really fast like a hundred and twenty miles per hour.

So, you can imagine like an 18 year old truck zooming down the highway, going right and left… It’s not staying in its lane.

Now, the husband in a state of confusion, is like: “Should I speed up? Should I slow down? Should I pull over what should I do?”

He doesn’t take any action whatsoever. And as the truck comes next to him, it actually forces him off the road. Next to him was a huge ditch.

So, as he is driving and his car now goes off the road, the car rolls over once, it rolls over twice, and it rolls over a third time…

And with each turning over of the car, someone in the car is passing away SubhanAllah! So, the husband passes away, the oldest son passes away, the second son passes away, and the mother and the youngest daughter stay alive SubhanAllah!

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Now, the youngest daughter, even though she’s sitting in the back in the car seat and she has her father’s seat in front of her, she’s in critical condition; she’s cut up, she’s bruised, and there’s like a lot of problems going on with her.

The mother, even though she’s sitting in the front and the windshield is right in front of her, she escapes this accident with barely a scratch on her it was as if she wasn’t in an accident. But the miraculous thing and the strange thing about her though was that she didn’t have any recollection of what happened.

The ambulance came, took the child and took the mother, and the mother had no clue what was going on. She couldn’t remember her name, couldn’t remember her husband, couldn’t number anything.

So, they keep her in the hospital for two weeks. And after two weeks, they decided not to keep her anymore because her condition isn’t improving.

So, some of her sisters from Canada came and they took her from the hospital and took her back to one of their houses. They had lunch, they had tea, they’re having dessert… And as this is going on, one of the sisters decides to tell her what happened:

“Look! Your husband was studying, he graduated, you guys went to perform Umrah and on the way back, you got into an accident, where your husband passed away, your two oldest children passed away, and your youngest daughter is still in the intensive care unit.”

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Now, even though she had no recollection of this story, her motherly instinct kicks in and she’s like: “What am I doing here? Take me to the hospital!”

They took her to the hospital, and as she walks in literally, that is when her child dies right in front of her eyes. Her last and youngest daughter!

Now, when you hear such a story, I want you to think about how does this relate to your problems and your trials? It seems very trivial, doesn’t it?