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WhyIslam Outreach Breaks Muslim Ban Ice

The curious gathered as quickly as the table was set up. The interested came to ask their questions even before the informational materials and brochures were spread. The volunteers from WhyIslam, sported bright yellow T-shirts adorned with the question “Is Life Just A Game?” across the front and with the invitation to “Meet A Muslim”, splayed across the back. What’s more, they certainly drew the attention of passersby during a recent outreach activity in a large and popular Houston, Texas, park.

Muslim Doctors Serve Ohio Needy

OHIO – As Islamophobia increases across the west, Muslim doctors at the Noor Community Clinic or Muslim Clinic of Ohio continue to serve the under-insured and under-served, an effort kicked off seven years ago.

Muslim Athletes Suffer in Trump’s America

Winning gold medal in Rio for her country six months ago, Olympic hurdles runner Dalilah Muhammad has never expected that her name and faith would be targeted by the same country she calls home.

Muslim Groups Reject Trump’s Federal Money

Four Muslim nonprofit groups have rejected Federal government’s millions granted to fight extremism, citing President Donald Trump’s unfair rhetoric targeting Islam and Muslims.

US Freezes Man’s Charity Donation over Islam Name

In a shocking act of discrimination, a British Muslim’s charity donations for a food bank have been frozen after his name “Islam” was flagged on a US Treasury restriction list.

Customs Detain US Olympic Hijabi Fencer

As American borders grow more hostile to Muslims, fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, the first female Muslim American to medal for the United States in the Olympics, was recently detained at US Customs for two hours without explanation.

Illinois School Honors Inspirational Syrian Student

High school students in Oak Lawn, Illinois, honored their Syrian classmate with a video tribute, choosing her as the most inspirational student at their school.

Imam Urges Americans to Resist Trump (Video)

In a powerful speech, Imam Omar Suleiman, President of Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research called upon Americans to stand up for humanity and resist Donald Trump’s divisive policies.

Muslims Feed JFK Airport Protesters

American Muslims offered a special treat of pies and pizzas to protesters gathering at JFK airport Saturday night to protest against Donald Trump’s immigration ban, which targeted refugees and holders of visas and green cards from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Defense Dept. Honors Refugee As Trump Prepares Ban

As President Donald Trump announced his plans to ban immigrants from seven Muslim countries, including Iraq, the US Defense Department honored a refugee from Iraq who joined the US marines.

#IMarchWithLinda, People Defend Women March Co-Chair

After successfully drawing hundreds of thousands to Washington DC streets, Women March co-chair Linda Sarsour has come under vicious attack from right-wing website, an attack rebelled by people around the world who defended the Muslim, Palestinian-American racial justice and civil rights activist, making #IMarchWithLinda trend on Twitter.

Muslims Pray In Brooklyn During the #BodegaStrike

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