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Environment & Ecology in Holy Qur’an

  • Man is the main cause of disrupting the natural balance of the universe
  • Muslims have made significant contributions to various scientific fields, including biology and astronomy.
  • The Qur’an emphasizes the importance of symmetry in nature, which can be observed in the beauty of the universe.

According to scientists and philosophers, man is considered the major factor in disturbing the natural balance of the universe.

Man interferes intentionally or unintentionally in the earth’s ecosystems by impairing its perfect order and precise sequence.

But it seems that man has cut off his nose to spite his face and he now is the victim.

Grave dangers are manifested in pollution of the air, water, soil, outer space and others, as well as the irrational exploitation of the environment’s resources, and inconsistent distribution of human settlements.

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All these factors have led to different problems, all of which are marked by a disturbance to the earth’s natural balance.

Urban populations are concentrated in towns usually emerging close to one or more natural resources (water, oil, fuel, sea, etc.) which create a marked disturbance in the existing natural balance.

This imbalance is mainly attributed to the increasing waste disposal (human or industrial), exploitation of resources and density in population.

It must be admitted that man’s claims on the environment have overstepped the mark in many cases, creating a disruption to the natural balance of various bio- and eco-systems all over the world.

This irresponsible behavior has led to a depletion in the atmosphere and this poses the greatest threat worldwide.

There are countless examples of disturbances to the environment. Forests have been removed, deserts have been encroached upon, and many species of plants and animals have disappeared throughout the world.

Environment & Ecology in Holy Qur'an - About Islam

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All these affect the macro- environment because it is an integrated whole. The climate has changed and is in fact still changing due to unwise human activities.

There are, however, natural and non-human induced reasons for the climate changes that should not be ignored, such as the pattern of the earth’s rotation around the sun and volcanic explosions.

The overuse of wood, excessive removal of pasture land, and deforestation, which destroys and eradicates magnitudes of the earth’s vegetation, all play a role in raising the earth’s absorption of the sun.

In addition, there is the high use of energy over and above man’s need, which raises the temperature of the atmosphere and thus affecting climate.

The overuse of non-renewable resources – oil, coal and natural gas – leads to a continuous increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which, in turn, raises the temperature.

The ozone layer has been further exposed to destruction as a result of the exhausts of planes flying in the higher altitudes, as well as gases and fumes expelled from nitrogenous fertilizers and atmospheric pollution from factories.

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