6 Spiritual Quotes for Your Life and Soul

Ramadan is around; it is time for a spiritual recharge. So, we collected for you these spiritual quotes; they are inspiring and beautiful.

Spiritual Quotes

Imam Zaid Shakir and Sheikh Waleed Basyouni touch on the value of gratefulness to Allah.

Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim reminds us to check in on our beloved ones.

Mufti Menk gives a prescription for difficult times.

Enjoy and Practice!

As'Salaam Alaikum,We are in constant need of God. Ibn ‘Ata Allah mentions in his Aphorisms, “There are two…

Posted by Imam Zaid Shakir on Thursday, 26 April 2018


The Prophet #Muhammad ﷺ emphasised the importance of checking in on others. He ﷺ understood that loneliness can drive a…

Posted by Yahya Adel Ibrahim on Saturday, 28 April 2018


When you’ve reached a stage in your life where you can remain calm when a calamity strikes, you have certainly matured…

Posted by Mufti Ismail Menk on Friday, 27 April 2018


Why is it we often find ourselves treating our loved ones so badly? Yet we treat outsiders well. We’re always conscious…

Posted by Mufti Ismail Menk on Thursday, 26 April 2018


Never discredit the efforts of those who came before you. They did what was in their capacity. Now’s the time for you to do what is in your capacity.

Posted by Omar Subedar on Sunday, 22 April 2018


Our beautiful Islam teaches us that gratitude to Allah increases goodness in our life. Let's all show gratitude to Allah…

Posted by Waleed Basyouni on Friday, 27 April 2018