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First Ambassador of Islam: Why Mus`ab?

ًWhy Did the Prophet Choose Mus`ab?

– Mus`ab was not so old that it was difficult for him to carry out huge load in Madinah nor was he so young to make unwise or reckless moves. Mus`ab was in his mid thirties.

– He experienced two previous migrations to Abyssinia so he used to leave Makkah and stay away for long times. Mus`ab also gained the experience to live and interact with people of different culture and even different language.

– He is from a very honorable family, the family of Bani Abd Ad-Dar, the guardians of the key Kabah key. The people of Madinah will find it easy to listen to him and interact with him

– Mus`ab also will send a strong message that Islam is not a revolution of the poor against the rich, something that will help the rich people of Madinah to embrace Islam. He will also serve as a role model of those who might have to lose their wealth to become Muslims in the case they are opposed by their families and tribes.

– Mus`ab is from the early Muslims, someone who accompanied the Prophet and learned Islam and the Quran from him. He has what Madinah needs in terms of knowledge and wisdom.

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– Mus`ab was known of his kindness, wisdom, softness and eloquence which are all qualifications needed for an effective presentation of Islam and conveying its message to people. These qualities showed themselves in his interaction with people in Madinah and his ability to positively influence them.

– He will not abandon his message and fall as a victim to the worldly temptations that he may face in Madinah. He withstood this test already when his mother, who was very opposing to him becoming a Muslim.

Attempts to Convert Mus`ab Back to Idols’ Worship

Having failed to convince Mus`ab to convert back to worshipping idols, she decided to deprive him of all the luxuries and wealth he used to enjoy.

He assertively and firmly chose Islam leaving behind one of the great wealths in Makkah. A person like that will never fall prey to any temptations he might encounter in Madinah

– There was a possibility that he would be followed by many of the Madinah population and, thus, tempted by leadership. Again, he had already proved his invulnerability to this trap. He had already sacrificed his chances of gaining leadership among his tribe by accepting Islam.

Perhaps for these reasons and probably many others, the Messenger chose Mus`ab to shoulder this huge responsibility.

It was the real success. Thanks to Mus`ab’s effort, Islam went into every single house in Madinah. People joined Islam individually and in groups. Mus`ab prepared Madinah to be the host city of the Prophet and the center of guidance to the whole humanity. In one year, 75 of those people went back to Makkah to call the Messenger to join them in Madinah, for there is not a single household in Madinah except in which there is a Muslim.

May Allah be pleased with Mus`ab and may He have mercy on him!

* This article was first published in October 2014.

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