Investing in Youth Development: Why and How?

Why youth development is important?

The Muslim society in the US is displaying a ‘youth bulge’ as opposed to the non-Muslim population in the country. According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, the Muslim American population is much younger, on average, than the non-Muslim population.  59% of adult Muslims are between 18 and 39, compared with 40% of adults in the general public.

Opportunity and Challenge

This should add to the wealth of the American Muslim community and its potential for flourishing and development. But do the youth have a real chance to grow within the Muslim community?

According to Imam Nadeem Siddiqi young Muslims are suffer from a growing sense of alienation as they face competing ideologies and divergent lifestyles.

How can we help these youths?

What protective factors can be used to strengthen our youth to overcome these challenges?

Follow this video and listen to the suggestions made to help develop youth in a positive way and in a cohesive fashion to enable them to grow using either a holistic approach or a multi method and multi model.

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