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British Muslims

Muslim Journalist Explores Online World of British Muslims

From dating to gaming and creating their own online spaces, Muslim youth and the internet are usually paired together in an interesting and innovative way that has been explored by journalist Hussein Kesvani in his new book, Al-Araby reported. Kesvani explores in his first book, Follow Me, Akhi: The Online World of British Muslims, how …

Life is Hard... But It Is Also Very Wonderful

Life is Hard... But It Is Also Very Wonderful

 We make life so very complicated, don’t we? It’s not just the tragedy and the violence which we see on the television news that makes our lives so disjointed and confused. Even choosing a career or selecting a course at college becomes the reason for hours of anguish. Shall I do this or shall I …

Teen Siblings

How to Encourage My Teen Siblings Into Deen?

In this counseling answer: •Never give up on du’a. Ultimately Allah is the only one who can guide them on the straight path, so continue to make du’a to Allah and ask Him to guide you and use you as a tool to assist them. •Continue to be a good influence in front of them. As the older sibling/cousin, …

He Sent Emails From His Grave!

He Sent Emails From His Grave!

The man had a group of friends, he used to send the emails once they come to him… Getting tired of forwarding, he decided to use “auto forward” so as the emails will go forward. After that he died in the car crash. His friends were with him, they were…

Forced to Marry Someone You Don't Like? Here is What to Do

Forced to Marry Someone I Don't Like... What to Do?

Are you being forced to marry someone you don’t like? Unfortunately, some families don’t care about their children marriage preferences. But, Islam does not accept forced marriage. If either of the persons involved is unhappy with the set up, they hold the right of rejecting the proposal. Nonetheless, forced marriages continue happening all over the world. So, …

A 5-Step Plan to Creating Better Sleep Habits

A 5-Step Plan to Creating Better Sleep Habits

With the right habits, sleep could turn out to be just what you need to reinvigorate your mind and body. And get you tuned in for a fresh start each morning. Here’s your five-step plan for creating a rewarding sleep habit.

5 Tips for Summer Time

5 Tips for Better Use of Summer Time

Summer is here again! Most school and university students have finished their exams and started their summer vacation. Plans, dreams, and aspirations of how to spend this vacation are on the minds of young people. But the question is, are these plans beneficial for you and the community in which you live? The first thing …

Why Are Young Muslims So Unhappy?

Why Are Young Muslims So Unhappy?

Why are young Muslims so unhappy today? In a time full of difficulties and challenges facing Muslims almost everywhere, it is critical to pay attention to the youth’s morale and find out the real reasons behind the widespread sense of dissatisfaction. How do the ways adopted by Western Muslim parents in raising their kids exasperate …

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