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Empowering Robotics in Malaysia

The 9th International Conference on Robotics, Vision, Signal Processing & Power Applications (ROVISP) is organized by School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Universiti Sains Malaysia.

ROVISP 2016 started today with the participation of researchers, scientists, engineers, academicians as well as industrial professionals from all around the globe to present their research results and development activities for oral or poster presentations.

Some of the topics that will be discussed during the conference between February 2 and 3 are: robotics, control, mechatronics and automation. Vision, image, and signal processing. Artificial intelligence and computer applications. Electronic design and applications. Biomedical, BioEngineering and applications. Telecommunications, antenna and applications. Power systems, high voltage engineering, and renewable energy. Electrical machines, drives and power electronics. Numerical computations and optimizations. Sensors and sensing techniques.

Keynote speakers in this conference are Dr. Tan Chun Aun from : ViTRox Corporation Bhd, Penang, Malaysia. He’ll speak about the future trend of machine visions in semiconductor and electronic assembly industries.

Professor Rizal Arshad from Universiti Sains Malaysia will discuss robotics and sensor technologies in offshore SAR mission. While Professor Hanamoto Tsuyoshi of the Kyushu Institute of Technology will talk about speed control of permanent magnet synchronous machines.

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And lastly, Professor David Banjerdpongchai from Chulalongkorn University of Thailand will give a speech that focuses on energy management systems with applications to energy efficiency.