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Trusting God- These Verses Will Comfort You

Trust in God: These Verses Will Comfort You

This verse first caught my attention thanks to my teacher. She told me every morning and evening she read this verse seven times and no matter how much she had on her plate, God took care of it all. Somehow, someway, she was able to complete all her tasks in the day even when it seemed their simply was not enough time.

High School Student: I Think I’ve Screwed Up My Life

High School Student: I Think I’ve Screwed Up My Life

In this counseling answer: • Showing off is not the purpose of this life. • You should think of learning mathematics, engineering, and science in order to innovate so that your innovations can provide relief to those suffering. • You are only 19 and you haven’t lost any time at all. Now what you must …

Afraid of the Future? 4 Ways to Combat Anxiety

Afraid of the Future? 4 Ways to Combat Anxiety

Anxiety is being afraid to face things which might happen. It’s being afraid to face our futures and the consequences of our actions. And it’s not just a psychological state. It affects our bodies in the following ways…

Leave the Future Alone Until It Comes

Worrying about the future is something nearly everyone does. We are so predictable in our worry that there is even an entire industry built around it. But no matter how much insurance we buy to protect ourselves against what may come, we cannot change Allah’s will for the future.

Bygones Are Bygones...Today Is All You Have

Bygones Are Bygones...Today Is All You Have

The greatest expectation and the ultimate hope of all people in this world is to lead a happy easy life. Indeed, seeking happiness has occupied most of the philosophers’ and thinkers’ minds but, actually, very few are those who have reached this happiness and achieved comfort in life. Therefore, this is a good recipe for …

Your Life is the Product of Your Thoughts

Happiness or misery, peace or anxiety springs from within. You alone color your life bright or dark, the same way as a glass takes the color of the liquid it contains: “Whoever is content (with Allah’s Decree) will win His Good Pleasure, and whoever is discontent (with Allah’s Decree) will incur His Wrath.” (At-Thirmidhi)

Live Within the Limits of Your Day

Past pleasures departed with yesterday. Nothing of it can be retained. Tomorrow is hidden and is equally apprehended by the high and low. There remains only the present day, within whose limits live wise people who, by living in the present from a position of free will, self-motivation…


Your Scientific Guide to the Next 150 Years

The following futuristic scientific infographic compiled 40 intriguing predictions made by scientists and other assorted pundits in recent years about the shape of the scientific world till 2150.

Let’s Make a Better World for Our Children – Together‏

My religion, helps me every day, to be a better, kinder person. It teaches me to continue to value, much of what you value. Like integrity, honesty, humility, family, and loving for others what we’d love for ourselves… Islam is not the enemy. I am not your enemy. My husband and my children are not your enemies.

3 Steps Lead to Everlasting Happiness

Happiness is the universal goal of people from all walks of life – be they philosophers of a high intellectual caliber or unlettered laborers — everyone strives in search of happiness and looks for ways to escape the worries of life. However, most people achieve only partial or superficial happiness, which provides temporary relief…

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