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Electrosmog Amidst Shift of Ages

With the advent of industrialization, the ecosystem first became subjected to environmental pollution. Subsequently, the clean technological revolution saw a decrease in chemical pollution to the environment.

Ironically, however, invisible electric pollution is on the rise and has created a new environmental worry – electrosmog. Electrosmog, however, isn’t as avoidable as other forms of environmental pollution. That’s because it’s artificial electric and magnetic fields that can penetrate anything.

Furthermore, electromagnetic waves, most commonly pervasive as microwaves, can escape visible detection and cannot be avoided. If a person has contaminated water they can use a filter. However, as of yet, there are no filters for electrosmog.

The Qur’an hints at the destruction of the earth through various environmental disasters: “And the heavens we raised it high with power, and most surely We are the makers of things ample” (Surat Az-zariat 51:47).

” When the heaven has it’s covering removed. And when the hell is kindled up, And when the garden is brought nigh, Every soul shall know what it has prepared” (Surat At-takwir 81:11-14).

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In this context, kindling could be acquainted with the warming-up that occurs through the energy of microwave. Additionally, long-term exposure to microwaves cause tumors.

However, these concerns are becoming more prevalent and urgent as consumer exposure to microwaves increases. Microwaves were a new concept to most people when the first microwave ovens hit the marketplace.

However, in the 21st century microwaves are used in everything. You find it from the lowest TV broadcasting at 50MHz to the several hundred gigahertz of automotive radars.

The problem with microwaves is the receptivity of the body to these waves. The human skull is less resistant to EMF than electricity. Moreover, the human body being mostly water, is susceptible because water has a high absorption level when it comes to microwave.Electrosmog

The microwave oven uses short waves of EMF that travel at the speed of light. Creating molecular friction on an alternating current, microwaves heat-up food and tear apart surrounding molecules.

Dr. Lita Lee of Hawaii reported, “Microwaving baby formulas converts certain transmino acids into their synthetic isomers. Synthetic isomers, whether cisamino acids or trans-fatty acids, are not biologically active.

Further, one of the amino acids, L-proline, converts to its d-isomer, which is known to be neurotoxic [poisonous to the nervous system] and nephrotoxic [poisonous to the kidneys].”

In fact, microwaving so extremely changes the molecules in substances that they become other substances altogether. In a case where an Oklahoman nurse heated blood in a microwave for a blood transfusion, microwaving changed the blood and killed the patient.

This change takes place because molecules and cells hit by EMF reverse polarity at 1-100bn times a second. This process is so successful at weakening cell walls that it is used in gene altering technology.

The cell becomes easy prey after being exposed to microwaves. Thus, the natural repair mechanisms are suppressed and instead of utilizing water and carbon dioxide for cell respiration they use hydrogen peroxide and carbon monoxide (Townsend p.1-3).

In fact, microwaves penetrate exposed biological tissue. Absorbed microwaves, in fact, convert to heat within biological tissue. This raises continued concern about human exposure to Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) at 900MHz (emic, p.1-4).

Recently, physicist Tsuyoshi Hondou of the Tohoku University in Japan explored the issue of microwaves on the commuter-packed trains of Japan. He had noticed the large number of commuters use mobiles at the same time in a confined area, the train.

On the basis of structure, materials used in the structures of a train and the distribution of microwaves throughout the train he made some investigations. Taking into consideration reflection and the accumulative effect of radio waves Hondou found that the electromagnetic frequency (EMF) had exceeded the safety guidelines of the International Committee for non-Ionizing Radiation (Sample, p.1).

Last year, concerns were laid-out in the Options Brief of the Scientific and Technological Options Assessment (STOA) to the European Parliaments Directorate General for Research.

Pertaining to microwaves the concern included: adolescent use of mobiles, military and police radars and farms and populations sited near GSM installations. Scientists argued that since there is no evolutionary immunity against electrosmog, humans suffer severely from their exposure to EMFs.

Furthermore, WHO has been aiming to globalize exposure standards by persuading countries with strict limits such as China and Russia to relax those standards in favor of the higher Western levels (STOA, p.1, 3, 6).

Once this is in place, it will be easier to implement the U.S Federal Communications order to cellular companies to equip all new cell phones with Global Positioning Satellite tracking devices that can pinpoint a user’s location within 300ft anywhere on the planet (Kanaracus, p.1).Electrosmog

However, harmful EMF effects on individuals aren’t the only concern of environmental groups. Many scientists are saying that the increase in EMF waves on earth could actually change the earth, as we know it.

The earth’s EMF grid on the Muslim map of Piri Re’is 1513 depends on the flow of molten iron inside the earth’s core. The pattern of earth’s rotation normally aligns with earth’s axis hence forming the magnetic South and North Pole.

Occasionally, this magnetic dipole moves or disappears altogether leaving a complicated magnetic field with many poles. Sometimes that movement is actually a polaric flip. Current evidence shows that we might be in line for such a flip (Jones, p.1).

Scientist Gauthier Hulot of the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris using data from the Orsted satellite found that a magnetic area beneath the southern tip of South Africa points towards the center of the earth.

This is opposite to the rest of the earth that points towards the Southern Hemisphere. Another such area is also near the North Pole. Both areas account for the decrease in the earth’s magnetic field by 10% (Graham, p.1).

Calculations from observations indicated that the North Pole is about to depart from the Canadian territorial waters for the first time in 400 years on a path bound for Russia. This will take approximately 50 years to occur. Throughout the 20th century the magnetic north pole has been moving at 10km per year, but within the last 10 years it has accelerated to 40km (Connor, p.1, 2).

At the same time the earth is passing through a Photon Belt and the earth’s rotation is slowing while the earth’s frequency is increasing (rfsafe, p.1).

This reminds Muslims of the verse in the Qur’an that mentions, The first sign (out of the signs of the appearance of the Dajjal) would be the appearance of the sun from the West,” warned Rasulullah saaw (Muslim, 40 #7025). The last reversal occurred over 780,000 years ago going by geological records (Jones, p.1).

Furthermore, the earth’s frequency has been 7.8 cycles per second for years. Military global communications developed on this frequency. However, recent reports show the current frequency at 11 cycles as indicated in the data from Norwegian and Russian researchers.

Greg Braden predicts that when the earth stops rotating the resonant frequency will be 13 cycles – zero-point magnetic field before rotating in the opposite direction. The effect could be devastating to humanity if humans become isolated from the Schumann Resonance’s EMF that resonates close to the rhythms of the human brain (STOA, p.3).

“I think there is clearly something powerful about the human energy field and its interaction with the energy in the world – electromagnetic, biochemical, and the energy we get from other people and plants and animals” stated Dr. June Murray of the Saston Center, U.S. (HealthyNet, p.2).

Solar and geomagnetic activity as in weather systems affect changes in blood pressure and blood composition. Changes in human behavior occur during high or low solar activity and geomagnetic storms that have become increasingly frequent. Solar and lunar effects also influence patterns of civil behavior (livingcosmos, p.3, 5).Electrosmog

This article is from Science’s archive and we’ve originally published it on an earlier date.