90% of Haramain Train’s Makkah Station Completed

Seeking improvement and development thorough knowledge and science is an obligation upon every Muslim individual and each Muslim society.

It’s a must in Islamic Shari’ah to apply development in every sphere of life from the religious to the most outwardly “secular,” for in Islam nothing was considered outside the realm of God’s Divine Command and thus every aspect of existence was considered addressed by the order “seek knowledge…”.

In light of this Islamic ideology and in order to facilitate and ease the journey of the guests of Allah during Hajj Islamic Pilgrimage, the company executing Haramain Train Project has already completed 90 percent of the construction work.

Makkah Chamber of Commerce and Industry Transportation Committee head Saad Al-Qurashi said the project is expected to be complete and fully functioning by 2017.

“The train will carry 9,000 passengers an hour and will facilitate the transport of pilgrims coming from Jeddah and Madinah to Makkah. The main station of the train is in Al-Rusaifah District and it is almost complete,” said Al-Qurashi.

He also said the station is like a mini city with all necessary services for visitors and pilgrims.

“The station has arrival and departure halls, commercial stores, a prayer room, parking space, car rental offices, public sector services and their offices and restaurants,” he said.

The station has been aesthetically designed in a way which makes it one of a kind worldwide,” said Al-Qurashi. He added the ticket charges have not been decided yet.