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Nimrood – The Tyrant Who Challenged Allah

Nimrood, a tyrant on the earth, said:

“If God exists, then I’m going to fight that God.”

He came with his massive army and said: “Come together! We’re going to take our arrows and we’re going to shoot Him straight in that sky, from where the revelation comes to Ibrahim!”

And he got his whole army up and he said: “Come on, you call yourself Allah, God? Well, if you’re there, I challenge you.”

So this tyrant challenged God Al Jabbar! So he shot (arrows) and said:

“Come on fight me! Where are you?”

The Power of God

So Allah said:

“Ok, you want to fight?”

Allah sent down mosquitoes! You know, when a mosquito bites you, you just go like smacking.

When these mosquitoes came, there’s so many hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of them all over the place… the soldiers were running everywhere, and Nimrood is also running… But what happened is, you know, the mosquito is under his nose, he sniffs, and the mosquito goes into his nostril and Allah makes that mosquito survive.

So that mosquito is alive, and it’s somewhere inside his brain.

This Nimrood, the tyrant of the earth who wanted to challenge Allah, got a living mosquito inside him and that mosquito is sucking blood. Every time it sucks blood, he whacks his own head…

When he whacks his head, then the mosquito stops and he gets a little relief; when the mosquito gets hungry again and sacks blood, he whacks his head… then now he’s getting tired of whacking himself…

So he told his soldier: “Listen! Stand next to me with this club…” You know, if you have a mosquito, and you’re trying to sleep, what’s the sound of the mosquito?

So the mosquito is buzzing inside his head and he’s going mad.

So he tells his soldier: “Hit me!” and he hits him.

Then he rests for a little while, and he says again when a mosquito buzzes: “Hit me!” He hits him. So this soldier just standing there hitting the king Nimrood!

Nimrood – Defeated by a Tiny Creature of God

Days are going by, and this king is going mad, he’s going insane, this buzzing sound, this sucking blood… So this soldier got so sick holding this club and he has to hit him. He said:

“It’s tiring to do that!”

And each time he hits him, the buzzing doesn’t stop until he hits him a bit harder. So now the whacks are getting harder, and this guy is taking a lot of blows on his head because of this mosquito.

In the end, the soldier thinks: “That’s enough man! Let me just try to kill the mosquito.”

So he whacks this king, and by hitting him so hard, this guy collapses on the ground dead.