An Open Letter to My Agnostic Neighbor

Dear Neighbor,

Why am I writing an open letter rather than knocking on your door, or talking to you over the fence?

Should I tell you what I want to say face to face?

Or would you be offended?

You are the last person I would ever want to offend, Bob.

You’re my good mate, and the best neighbor I have.

Always courteous and smiling, even when you’re not feeling well. You’ve never said a bad word about others. And you are always there when I need help; reliable and trustworthy.

Rushed to Hospital

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But the other day Sue called the ambulance. You were not at all well. And they rushed you to hospital for an urgent surgery.

I know you haven’t been feeling well lately, and you said you would need a small operation. It seems the matter was serious, with the complications that followed. You’ve been away for a whole week.

But thank God you finally came back home yesterday. We were all very worried. Your absence triggered in my mind an important thought I would like to share with you today.

Deep Questions: What if?

What if something happened to you in the operating theatre and you never came back?

This can happen to anyone, anytime by the way. A wrong move driving on the motorway can mean the end of a long, (or short), life for anybody these days. Traffic is becoming so dangerous and intense.

Bob, allow me to ask you these questions:

What if there is another life after this one ends?

What if after death our souls continue their journey in another dimension, another world?

Have you ever thought of that?

What if that journey in that other dimension turns out to be a journey to our Creator?

And what if He asks you how you lived your life on earth? What would you say?

What if He asks you why you misused your free will, how would you respond?

What if He asks you why you did not follow His Guidance?

Knock Any Time

Bob, I’m so glad you’re back, but I want you to think of what I just said.

Think deeply about these questions, contemplate on this amazing universe and reflect. Are all these billions of galaxies only a coincidence? Does that really make sense?

And if you want something to read, this is what I believe is our Creator’s final guidance for us. He created us and did not leave us without guidance.

Read then decide for yourself.

Could you at least give it a try?

Take care and get well soon. If you have a question or just feel like a chat, knock on my door, any time for a cup of tea.

Thank you for being my good neighbor.

I wish you peace and good health.

Your next-door Muslim neighbor.