A Journey to God (Folder)

Ibn Ata’ produced inspiring pieces of wisdom and reflections, or maxims, in terms of his fiqh of the heart.

This is a journey. A journey for Allah, with Allah, and to Allah Almighty.

Although Allah is near to us, we are journeying to Him because we are far.

The journey is in steps, every step takes us closer to Allah Almighty.

Dr. Jasser Auda presents these reflections in a new series of 30 videos explaining wise sayings from Ibn Ata’ Allah’s renowned book of Hikam.

Discovering Islam Team compiled some of these inspiring pieces of wisdom to help guide us in our journey to Allah.

A Journey to God – The Start of the Journey
“There is no real distance between you and Him in order for you to journey. And the connection between you and Him is not cut such that you must mend it.”…

First Step: Repentance and Hope on the Journey to God
The first step is to take my mistakes and shortcomings with me and to repent from them. And I should actually not give up on the mercy of Allah. I should start by giving up on the sins and regretting them…

Second Step: The Dominance of God’s Universal Lawsy
When you start your journey and a new resolution to Allah Almighty, you’re full of energy, inspiration and enthusiasm. One sometimes tries to change himself/herself, the family, the society…

Third Step on the Journey to Allah: Relying on God
Relying on God (tawakkul) is actually a very important concept. It’s mentioned many times in the Quran and it’s often understood by people who claim to be Sufis…

Sincerity to God: The Fourth Step on the Journey
Sincerity is the most important step on the journey. But it comes here after reliance on Allah (SWT), because relying on Allah is important for sincerity…

Reflection – The Profound Step in the Journey to Allah
This is a profound way to come closer to Allah (SWT), and to actualize what we did in the previous steps. The repentance, the awe, the sincerity could be actualized by isolating yourself and reflecting…

Sixth Step on the Journey to God: Purification Before Shining
This is about the technicalities of reflection that we talked about in the previous step. This is about how can you reflect in the best way and how can you benefit your heart from the reflection…

Seize Time, Hasten Your Good Deed: The Journey’s Seventh Step
It’s very important to be efficient with your time. And it’s very important to time manage as you journey to Allah Almighty. It’s not only important for organizing the worldly life…

Patience With Tests on The Journey to Allah
This step of the journey means that you learn patience. All the Prophets had gone through trials so that they learn patience. The word that Prophet Jacob mentioned in chapter Yusuf, “a beautiful patience”…

Perfecting the Beginnings For a Perfect End
According to the sheikh here, the sunrise in the beginning brings sunrise in the end. How can I make the sun rise on me in the beginning of any work? By returning to Allah Almighty in the beginning of any endeavor…

Discovering Flaws: A Vital Step in Your Journey to Allah
The sheikh here is teaching us that when you discover your flaws, that is better than discovering any hidden dimension that you can’t see. If you feel that you don’t have flaws, then you have a major problem…

Self-Criticism: The 11th Step in the Journey to Allah
It is very important to be self-critical, so that you go into the depth of yourself and discover the depth of your flaws. The origin of the flaws in general, the sheikh is teaching us, is a false sense of self-righteousness…

Good Friends – A Step Forward in Your Journey Towards Allah
Here Ibn Ata is teaching us about another serious flaw, which is a bad choice of friends, when you choose friends who are taking you away from the way of Allah…

Keep up with Mentioning God, He Will Open Your Heart to Him
If the quality of mentioning Allah is not there, he is asking you not to stop mentioning Him. Don’t stop reading the Quran if you don’t feel it in your heart. Don’t stop your prayers if you don’t feel the prayers in your heart…

Freedom From Humiliation and Illusion: A Step Forward to God
This is the inspiration behind this word of wisdom. You see a lot in today’s world, unfortunately in the corporate world and corporate culture, where people are kind of enslaved because they work somewhere…

Thanking God For His Blessings – Step 15 in the Journey to Allah
Thanking Allah is not limited to saying ‘Alhamdulillah’, or ‘I thank you God’. Thanking Allah is most importantly by working good deeds, by action…

How to Understand God’s Giving and Depriving?
Not everything that you feel that He is giving you as a blessing is actually a blessing; and not everything that you feel He is testing you with and difficulty, and so forth is actually a difficulty…

Ascending in the Levels of Worship: Step 18 in the Journey to Allah

This word of wisdom is actually discussing a very important topic which is the quality of your worship. When you worship Allah (SWT) what is the quality?

When You Are Alone, Enjoy God’s Company

When You Are Alone, Enjoy God’s Company

When you feel alone, don’t feel lonely, feel that Allah is opening the doors of His presence for you. When you are alone, whom are you going to mention and whom are you going to speak to? To Allah Almighty.

The Faster Way God Answers Dua – Ask Him in Distress

The level of worship, here, is to show distress; it is when you ask Allah to really feel that you are lost of every other means but His help.

Put Him in the Heart of Your Life - A Step Forward to God

In this journey to Allah, there is a short journey and there is a longer one. The short one is in this world and the longer one is after death. And this has to be a part of the worldview of the believer.

When People Praise You, Beware of These Things

When people praise you for what you are trying to do of the good things or what they think you are trying to do, and what they think you are… That praise is a serious danger and something that could compromise your journey to Allah.

In Your Journey to God, Wear Wings of Awe and Hope

In Your Journey to God, Wear Wings of Awe and Hope

Fear of Allah is one wing and hope is the other wing. You really can’t advance and fly in the way of Allah without both: without being concerned about your destiny in the Hereafter and what Allah is going to judge you about.

To Move Forward to God, Keep Your Priorities Straight

To Move Forward to God, Keep Your Priorities Straight

When we focus on the requirements before we focus on the optional deeds, then we have the right set of priorities. Priority setting is one important step towards Allah.

On Your Journey to God, Work on Your Heart

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This is about the quality of the heart and the impact of the quality of the heart on the quality of the talk.

When Allah opens the doors of understanding for somebody, He will make this person with a good heart that brings good speech.

Living With Minimalism – A Blessing That Brings You Closer to God

In this stage of the journey, Allah will manage your providence (rizq); He will manage what He gives you because He would like to give you what is enough for you, not what will make you go wrong.

Raise Yourself to the Rank of Humbleness to Get Closer to God

Raise Yourself to the Rank of Humbleness to Get Closer to God

In this step of the journey, we would like to raise our ranks one step by being humble. Allah Almighty had given warnings in the Quran about something that is called al-kibr, or pride. When you have the false pride, not the positive side of pride, if you feel that you are better than others.

When God Blesses You, Your Life Will Change Forever

When Allah puts blessing in your life, you achieve in such a short time so much for Allah’s sake, for the sake of good, and in the way of good and morality…


The Journey to God is An Ongoing Journey

The Journey to Allah is An Ongoing Journey

The journey to Allah doesn’t have an end. And this is the final episode of this course, but the real essence of the course is not to have an end; it is like circulating around the Ka’bah: When you end one circle, you go in another circle that takes you at the higher level.