What Is It Like to Be a Muslim Convert in the US?

Assalamu Alaykum brothers and sisters both Muslims and non-Muslims. This video is about what it’s like to be an Muslim  convert in the United States.


On one hand, it’s scary to be an Islamic convert in the United States because most Americans do not know that Islam is actually a very peaceful religion. And that the terrorists they have done horrible things to people in the United States are not actually Muslims. Because if they were Muslim, they would not have done those things.

So, it’s scary because people associate you with that and not a lot of people want to hear what you have to say, and they instantly judge you, especially if you wear hijab.


It’s a good thing you do feel a little bit of peace being an Islamic convert in the United States because you feel like you have a sense of direction in life.

In the United States things are very busy, people are very busy… and it’s easy to get lost and caught up in things. But Islam gives you a sense of direction, it gives you answers to questions that you may have.

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It’s a little bit difficult to be an Islamic convert in the United States because you lose your identity that you’ve always had, you lose the holidays you’ve always had… and people aren’t always as welcoming to accept you because you are American.

So, that can be a little discouraging. Because on one hand, Americans have this association that Muslims are bad people, and then sometimes people who come from Islamic culture to the US, they assume that all Americans are alike: that they’re going out and partying and drinking and stuff like that.

So, it could be a little bit discouraging that they associate you with that.

That is what it’s like to be an Islamic convert in the United States.

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