A Story of Repentance – Allah is the Owner of Guidance

I am Ansar Rashid Ahmad, I am 22 years old, and I am from Belize. I was born in a Muslim household of twelve, I have five brothers and two sisters before me and I’m the eighth child.

I used to look at them as an example, and that threw me out track from the path of Allah because I was looking not at the best examples.

After I finished high school, I couldn’t go on to university. I did begin working for myself as a barber and as a prison officer.

What the people in those environments call to is not Islam; of course Islam is far from that.

The curiosity begins, and that is natural for a teenager.

The every day fitnah, when symbolizing it, it becomes like honey, once you taste it, it’s something that’s very hard to leave because it’s very sweet. But one thing I was very certain of is that:

  • What I was doing was wrong
  • If I continue doing this, it could only make me like them

The thing that was separating me from them is, me, knowing that I am a Muslim.

For several years, I was looking for a way out of what I was delving into.

There became a time last year when I met my father and immediately, after greeting my father, he told me that there were some brothers from Egypt giving away scholarships, and that was a long desire for me to come to a Muslim country to study.

I’ve got the chance to learn a lot from the people and have adapted my character, you know, every day is a step.

I now see that the journey is far ahead, Alhamdulillah

And as well, going back to what I used to do, I can’t see myself in such a position, knowing where I came from and knowing the sweetness of Islam now is far greater that the sweetness of dunya.

I thank Allah every day, and I now see Allah as the owner of guidance. If He doesn’t guide you, then He will leave you in whatever state you are. But if He guides you, then you are under His mercy.