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Sins are Attacking Me – How to Protect Myself?

It is hard to be young in this time. Sins weigh me down everywhere; they attack me directly and they are really attractive and addicting. My circle of friends, my school environment, the immoral videos and films even in my pocket.

Sins attack me everywhere.

So what am I going to do to protect myself from those sins in this hard time?

What should I say to people who call me to those sins?

My brother and sister who think like this stay with me for 5 minutes.

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Imagine a man who is in terrible situation. A lion is wanting to attack behind him and there is a gallow in front of him. All the people he loves are being executed there one by one. There are two wounds on his shoulders and even more, there is an obligatory travel in front of him, it’s like he’s in exile, he’s forced to travel.

So the lion is about to kill him, his loved one are being executed in front of him, he’s wounded and he’s forced to travel. So the man is in such a terrific situation. And imagine that someone comes and says this to him: “My friend come and let’s have fun! Let’s hang out with those beautiful girls, let’s go to some nice places, let’s listen to some pop and rock music, let’s take some alcohol and get drunk…”

Imagine that he calls the man to such entertainment. What would the man say?

“Are you kidding me? Don’t you see my situation? There is a lion behind me, it’s waiting to attack me. There is a gallows in front of me. My loved ones are being killed in front of me.

There is wildness. I have two wounds on my shoulders and an obligatory travel. How can I join you in such a situation? How can you call me? Yes the things to which you call me are nice and attractive to my desire. But either kill the lion behind me, remove the gallows in front of me, cure my wounds, and abolish my obligatory travel, or shut up and get out of here.

Now guys, actually we aren’t different from the man in the story.

next lifeThe lion behind us is our death, we don’t know when it will attack, right? The lions of 250000 people attack them each day, and be sure that most of them are young.

The gallows is the separation for us. All the things, people we love have already left us or will leave us. Everything we love has an end in this world.

The obligatory travel is our travel in time. There is a travel in time that we can’t stop. Death is not something we experience just once, actually we die every second and we can’t stop this.

The two wounds are weakness and poverty. Weakness, we’re incapable of doing many things: in the simplest term, a very small microbe that can only be seen with microscopes can kill even the strongest of us in spite of the incredible improvements made in medicine.

The angel of death takes 250000 people from this world each day and the scientists who have hit their technology, awarded with noble prizes whom we admire just clump up! We human beings can’t do anything, we are the weakest.

The other wound is poverty. Poverty doesn’t mean the scantiness of money or ware, it means to need something and we are all poor from this point of view.

There are so many things we need, from the simplest term, the beating of the heart at the moment, the circulation of my blood… millions of activities that need to be done in the universe for me to live, but the most important one is our need for eternity.

I mean don’t let things I enjoy come to an end, let me have fun and enjoy life forever. But even if we bring money of the richest person, even if we use the possibilities in the world we can’t afford buying eternity. Poverty is a wound of us.

I know this age is especially hard for us as young, but when we come to prohibited things let’s remember the situation of the man in the story, let’s say the things the man in the story said to the people calling us to that stuff. I mean when we get a message containing an immoral proposal, or when our desires try to direct us to prohibited things in the internet, or to a friend of us who says:

“What are you talking about? Are you going to pray now? Come on we spend good time here man! Let it go, we can pray when we get old!”

On to the TV series, films, media, everything that promotes immorality by saying things like:

“You’re a doormat if you don’t have a lover at high school”

“Wearing hijab in this age!? During this hot weather? Come on remove your hijab and show your beauty! Those traditions are demoded…”

But guys, the most important to our own desires and satan let’s say this “Are you kidding me? Don’t you see my situation? You see the death behind me, there is a gallows in front of me, my loved ones die there, I have two wounds which are my weakness and poverty, and I’m growing old every second and I can’t stop it. How can I join you in this situation.”