18 Personal Life-Lessons From the Themes of the Entire Quran!

It’s our responsibility to seek guidance from the Quran, by deriving palatable, daily life action points from its verses and focus on how the Book of Allah can make us a better person.

Below we translate the themes from the beginning till the end of the Quran in 18 universal lessons for life!

1. Remind Yourself Who You Are and Why You Are Here (Juz 1 & 2)

In this turbulent world full of distractions, it’s crucial to go back to basics.

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Chapter Al Fatihah is your personal identity and contains the three objectives the whole Quran revolves around: beliefs (to believe in Allah), acts of worship (to know how we manage to worship our Lord in Whom we believe) and way of life.

Chapter Al Baqarah tells you why you are on earth. It tells you about different kinds of people (believers, disbelievers and hypocrites), the experience of the first successor on earth, Adam, and the nation who was given responsibility for earth but failed (the Israelites) as well as the one who was successful, Ibrahim (peace be upon him). It then explains Allah’s commands: it’s the chapter of guidance on how we can take our responsibility on earth.

Action Point:

While reciting chapter Al Fatihah daily remind yourself you are a believer, to worship the Merciful Lord who created everything from your heart; and don’t forget to ask Him for all you need and to practice what you know.

Action Point:

Ask Allah to help you fulfil all your responsibilities in your worship, work, family life and environment.

Action Point:

Al Baqarah is the only chapter that gives details of the five pillars of Islam; give careful thought to the pillars of your faith. O Allah, help us fulfil the pillars of Islam and faith (Iman), ameen!

2. Remain Firm and Resist Influences from the Outside and Within (Juz 3)

Chapter Al-Imran is divided into two parts, telling you to remain firm on the straight path and to resist evil or harmful influences. The example of the battle of Uhud shows how you can prevent mistakes that happen due to your own desires.

Action Point:

Daily ask Allah to protect you from all bad influences on your faith and to protect others from your possible bad influence.

3. Be Just, No Matter the Circumstances (Juz 4, 5, 6)

Chapter Al-Baqarah tells you that you have a responsibility on earth and how to take it; then chapter Al-‘Imran urges sabr (perseverance); and chapter An-Nisa’ then tells you that perseverance also demands being fair and kind to the weak. Chapter Al-Ma’idah continues to show you how to be responsible.

Action Point:

Justice begins at home. Ask Allah to guide you to be fair and kind at home, as it’s easy to show your ‘worst’ self at home to those whom you might have authority over.

Action Point:

Realize the importance of everyone getting their due, in both business and personal environments. Islam is the opposite of the “survival of the fittest” mentality.
Ask Allah to help you treat women, men, children, the sick and the elderly in the way that pleases Him and to forgive you for all your shortcomings in how you treat(ed) others!

4. Enjoy Good And Forbid Evil (Juz 7, 8)

Chapters Al Ma’idah and Al An’aam tell you to enjoy things that strengthen you and give you freedom from addictions and desires so that your heart may be pure enough to love and obey Him absolutely.

Chapters Al-Anaam and Al-A’raf show how you need to come out of your comfort zone to take a firm stance on evil.

Chapter Al A’raf describes the conflict between good and evil; Adam and Satan; between Prophets and those they attempt to teach; and between Paradise and Hellfire.

Chapter Al Anfaal tells you what you need to have victory over evil; first, belief in Allah and second, patience. Allah gives us strength to obey Him, as long as we rely on Him.

Action Point:

Be more grateful for all you have and realize how many things are halal (permissible) for you, rather than looking at what you can’t have!

Action Point:

Forbidding evil is an act of worship while many don’t feel the need (anymore) to advise when they see their own family members off the straight path and sinning openly.

O Allah, make us of those who enjoy good, rely on You and forbid evil with wisdom, ameen!

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