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Khawlah bint Yahya

Khawlah b. Yahya founded SISTERS' PROJECT in 2008, a United Kingdom women's support organization and is a writer for different Islamic organizations and academies. She authored the renown How to Live by the Names of Allah Series, published by the Understand Qur'an Academy, as well as the internationally shared Revive a Sunnah Series. She focuses most of her work on how to translate classic Islamic Knowledge to daily life action.  She recently released Personal Lessons from the Qur'an, in which daily life action points are based on Qur’anic ayaat in a way that’s never seen before. You can now purchase the E-book on:

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The Highest Paradise & You!

The Highest Paradise & You!

How real is the Highest Paradise in your daily life? Without knowing, do you have a defeating mindset, and are you thinking deep down: ‘I’ll never reach that level, I’d be happy if I reach Paradise altogether?’ Let’s find out how to change your attitude and learn five specific deeds that lead you to Jannatul Firdaws, by Allah’s Will!


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