Popular Pastor Renovates Town Mosque; Here’s Why

A Nigerian pastor, who currently lives in Minnesota, has warmed the hearts of many after he renovated a 60-year-old mosque in Ikire, Osun state where he used to play as a child with his Muslim friends.

“It was a joyful gathering of Muslim leaders in the quiet city of Ikire, in Irewole local government area of Osun State, on Friday the 16th day of July 2021, as a sixty year old Alatise mosque located at Popo junction of the town renovated by a pastor was commissioned for use,” Bakara Adegboyegba wrote on Facebook, Naija News reported.

Adegboyegba shared photos of the mosque and this has been widely celebrated on Facebook.

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The Chief Imam of Ikire land, Alhaji Yunus, commended Pastor Alabi for his selfless act in the community, leading a special prayer session for the pastor.

Popular Pastor Renovates Town Mosque; Here's Why - About Islam

”I grew up in an Ikire community where religion had no effect on our relationship. It was a time when Christians participated actively in the religious festivities of Muslims,” Pastor Alabi said, explaining why he chose to renovate the mosque.

“A time when you would find many hijab wearing women attending church sessions of Christian weddings and burials. It was a time you find young children, Muslims and Christians play together in the mosques and eat saara (food items brought to mosque as alms) together without fear or intimidation.

“It was a time that humanity united us and made us one strong family, living and sharing our best with love and togetherness.”

Nigeria has the largest Muslim population in the entire region of West Africa.

The CIA Factbook estimates that 50% of Nigerians are Muslims while the BBC estimates this to be slightly over 50%.