Here Is How to Join World Prayer for Eliminating COVID-19

Prayer for World

🙏 Global prayer for humanity LIVE 🙏Graduates from Al Azhar and British Imams take part in a global prayer for humanity for those suffering from #COVID19 across the world.

Posted by Imams Online on Thursday, 14 May 2020

Today, 14th May 2020, royals, religious leaders, heads of states, and individuals from all walks of life and faiths will come together to pray for “the good of all humanity” and “an end to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The Higher Committee for Human Fraternity (HCHF), initiated the ‘Prayer for Humanity‘ call, inviting the world to a day of fasting, prayers, and supplications.

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Sheikh Ahmed El Tayyeb, Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, and Pope Francis, Head of the Catholic Church, have supported the initiative. This is in addition to many state presidents, prime ministers, along with religious leaders, political figures, and social influencers.


Join us live Thursday 14th May 2020, at 3 pm GMT, with a panel of British Imams and Al-Azhar graduates.

Posted by Al-Azhar Alumni UK on Wednesday, May 13, 2020

How you can get involved?

  • Join the global movement in your own way. Offer a prayer, observe a fast, do an act of charity, make devout supplications
  • Share photos, videos or posts of solidarity on social media using the hashtag #PrayForHumanity
  • Take part in virtual prayer sessions and activities hosted by some entities and religious communities 

AboutIslam Readers Pray for Humanity

AboutIslam readers have also shared their prayers for humanity, praying to Allah for forgiveness, peace, and for the poor, especially in this blessed last stretch of Ramadan.