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Ramadan 2022: Here’s What We Have for You

Ramadan is almost here, with its downpour of blessings, spirituality and more chances for Muslims to draw closer to God.

Below are some highlights of what AboutIslam has in store for you this Ramadan.

Season of Worship & Togetherness

Ramadan & New Muslims

Special Video Series

From around the World

  • As Ramadan is always a special occasion for Muslims all over the world, our News section is fully prepared to cover how Muslims are celebrating a different Ramadan after the end of the COVID-19 restrictions.
  • We will show how the Muslim community in the US share the spirits of Ramadan in iftar gatherings and charity giving.
  • And we will offer some materials on Ramadan traditions and cultures, all from around the world.

Make Your Ramadan Healthy

To make your Ramadan healthy, try to follow our series of: 

  • Informative features that provide tips from physicians and health experts on how to have a healthy Ramadan.
  • Some good materials from Islamic Juristic Astronomy featuring different types of observations on how to calculate the beginning of Ramadan in different countries..

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AboutIslam Supporting Converts group will be concentrating on our new Muslims to give them support and advice through Ramadan. family wishes you all a happy & blessed Ramadan

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