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Don’t Miss AboutIslam Coverage This Ramadan!

Ramadan is almost here, coming with its downpour of blessings, spirituality and more chances for Muslims to draw closer to God, observing good deeds and exhorting one another on morals, spreading love, and kindness.

Below are some highlights of what AboutIslam has in store for you this Ramadan.

Season of Worship & Togetherness

As Muslims now go through a special phase that is full of challenges, Ramadan serves as a unique source of inspiration.

👉 Highlighting answers for tens of questions our visitors have about Ramadan, fasting, Taraweeh, last 10 days, Laylat al-Qadr, Zakat Al-Fitr and more.

👉 Live fatwa sessions by Western-based scholars

👉A special page for Ramadan that will be updated regularly with latest Ramadan content on the website.

👉 Tarweeh prayers will be broadcast from different cities around the world.

👉 A live interview with an expert on Ramadan, youth and Qur’an. 

👉 A special coverage is also planned for the last 10 days of Ramadan and Laylat Al-Qadr.

Your First Ramadan?

AboutIslam will make sure converts are not left alone on their own during the holy month.

👉 New Live Sessions: Ask About Ramadan

👉 New Podcasts: Conversion Stories & Counselling

👉 New Spiritual Videos: Hikam ibn Ata’

👉 Ramadan articles and videos, especially for Muslim youth and new converts to Islam on how to benefit from the best month of the year

👉 Frequently Asked Ramadan Questions and Answers

👉 Articles and videos on the spiritual side of Ramadan as well as Live Chat support for our visitors during Ramadan

From around the World

👉 As Ramadan is always a special occasion for Muslims all over the world, our News section is fully prepared to cover how Muslims are coping with the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, social distancing, etc.

👉 Hosting members of the Muslim community in the US in weekly live sessions to share the spirits of Ramadan.

👉 Offering some materials on Ramadan traditions and cultures, all from around the world.

Make Your Ramadan Healthy

To make your Ramadan healthy, try to follow our series of: 
👉 Informative features that provide tips from physicians and health experts on how to have a healthy Ramadan.

👉 Some good materials from Islamic Juristic Astronomy featuring different types of observations on how to calculate the beginning of Ramadan in different countries.

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AboutIslam Supporting Converts group will be concentrating on our new Muslims to give them support and advice through Ramadan. family wishes you all a happy & blessed Ramadan