Understanding Surat An-Naml

Surat An-Naml is the 27th surah of the Holy Qur’an with 93 verses. The surah’s name is derived from the ants whose conversations were understood by Prophet Solomon.

The surah is agreed to be Meccan from the middle of the Meccan period. The book “Tafsir Al-Jalalayn” notes that some exceptions exist like verses 52-55 which are from the Medinan period, as well as verse number 85 which was revealed during the Hijra to Medina.

There is one sajdah in verse 25. The surah talks about themes like oneness of God, earthly knowledge is nothing compared to God; only those with open ears and eyes will turn to God.

The surah also emphasizes that mercy and hope won’t be granted to disbelievers of Allah’s message in the Day of Judgement.

In this episode of the program “Reason” of Iqraa TV Channel, the well-known Egyptian geologist Dr. Zaghlool Al Najjar discusses the verses of the surah from a scientific perspective.

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