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Three Muslim Boys Murdered, Media Silent Again

CAIRO – The bodies of three Muslim boys were found in a Fort Wayne home in an “execution-style” murder earlier this week, sparking people’s uproar on social media over the silence of widespread media in the US.

“3 young Muslims killed execution style in Fort Wayne, Indiana…but no one’s heard anything about that,” one wrote on Twitter on Sunday, February 28.

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“Where is the coverage on the three young Muslims shot execution style in Fort Wayne, Indiana? Where!!???,” another added.

The bodies of Mohamedtaha Omar, 23, Adam K. Mekki, 20, and Muhannad A. Tairab, 17, all of Fort Wayne, were found by police inside a home in the 800 block on East Lewis Street on Wednesday.

The coroner’s office said each died of gunshot wounds and ruled their deaths homicides.

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Police authorities said that each was shot “multiple” times in an “execution-style” murder, ruling out that the boys were related to gangs.

Safety Director Rusty York told ABC 21 Alive the home belongs to owners who live in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Because they are absent from the residence, the home has devolved into a party spot for the teens and young adults.

“Hopefully, you know, we’ll be able to focus in on exactly what the reason was, but as I said before, no reason to believe this was any type of hate crime, or focused because of their religion or their nationality whatsoever,” York said.

This is not the first time to find Muslim youth killed in execution-style.

Deah Shaddy Barakat, 23 his wife Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha, 21 and her sister Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, 19, were fatally shot Feb. 10, 2015, at the couple’s condominium in Chapel Hill.

A neighbor, Craig Stephen Hicks, has been charged with murder in their deaths and could face the death penalty if convicted.


Though the murder of the three young Muslim boys was discovered on Wednesday, it was rarely reported in the media.

“When the victims aren’t white, they are never murdered because of their race or religion. #OurThreeBoys,” one wrote on twitter.

“Welcome to being black and Muslim, where no one other than other black Muslims have your back #IndianaShooting #OurThreeBoys,” another added.

“Little to no news coverage, but were definitely not letting that slide. RIP Mohamedtaha Omar, Adam Mekki & Muhannad Tairab. #OurThreeBoys,” a third wrote.

Other comments criticized media absence in reporting this tragedy.

“How is it that 3 Black Muslim men are killed on Wednesday, here it is Saturday & it’s barely being covered? #OurThreeBoys #IndianaShooting,” one wrote.

“If it weren’t for social media, u would never know Muslim youth killed execution style #OurThreeBoys #IndianaShooting,” a user posted on twitter.

“The lack of coverage on this tragedy is nauseating. #OurThreeBoys were killed ‘execution style’ but that isn’t enough for public outrage,” another added.

“3 Muslims executed in Indiana & barely any media coverage. I guess we’re only newsworthy when we’re killers, not being killed #OurThreeBoys.”

Muslims make up 1% of America’s 322 million population, according to Pew Research center.

Anti-Muslim sentiments have flared by Republican presidential candidates, such as Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson.

Trump’s views on immigration have sparked controversy nationwide, especially his proposal to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the US.